Why Donald Trump Qualifies With “Angry White Men”

ELDER PATRIOT – Donna Brazile, Al Gore’s campaign manager during his presidential run, was making the rounds of the Sunday talk shows where she floated her candidate’s latest campaign strategy by labeling conservatives “angry middle-aged white men.”  It was brilliant use of the language to sever successful middle-aged white men and the legitimacy of their political viewpoints from the rest of America’s voters.

The suggestion planted in the minds of listeners was intended to paint members of this group as bitter at the possibility of losing their place at the top of the country’s economic scale.  In some sense this was true which added some validity to the label.

Who were these “angry middle-aged white men?”  Most simply, they were people who had lived their lives by the rules of an orderly society and who had met with some degree of success.  Others were less successful but still believed that playing by the rules, and a commitment hard work were the tickets to success.  As a group they believed in the principles that had led to America’s ascendancy and the highest standard of living in the world.  With the use of this phrase, Brazile undermined the political veracity of these people and marginalized their political views.

Republican George Bush won that election by the slimmest of margins after the U.S. Supreme Court was called in to decide the vote count.  But, the die had been cast and, after eight more years of getting hammered by the mainstream media and additional indoctrination by our educational system, American voters opted for a radical change.

Now, six and a half years later it is worth examining who the real winners and losers have been since Americans abandoned the traditional values of “dad” and opted for “fundamental change.”

  • More of the nation’s wealth is now concentrated in the hands of fewer people than ever before in our history.
  • True unemployment has reached Depression levels with virtually every job that was created over the past six and a half years being filled by foreign workers, both legal and illegal.
  • The GDP is contracting.
  • American taxpayers are now responsible for an additional $9T of new debt.
  • Main Street businesses are being shuttered by an economy that they can no longer compete in because of onerous regulations, reporting requirements, fees and taxes.  These businesses have historically created 75% of America’s jobs.

It’s become obvious that we are living in a post-Constitutional world where traditional values and rewarding achievement have been cast aside in favor of political correctness and affirmative action.  Many Americans, especially those “angry middle-aged white men,” have become growingly disgusted with a Washington establishment that ignores the needs of the people in favor of their own enrichment.

Now along comes Donald Trump who has the temerity to raise an issue that regulars from both parties have avoided like a plague.  Trump may have been indelicate in his statement about illegal immigrants but it’s about time someone addressed the issue.

More importantly, when given the opportunity to recant his “politically incorrect comments” Trump was not cowed.  Rather than genuflect to the heavens and beg forgiveness, The Donald doubled down on this important issue, in the process displaying the type of fortitude that true leadership requires.  At once, he showed both his commitment to standing strong on an issue fraught with political risk, and his toughness in the face of a media onslaught.

Reminiscent of past leaders like George Patton who ignored the ties of political correctness and could always be counted on to achieve the goal, Trump struck a chord with those who abhor the political intransigence and cronyism that passes for leadership in Washington these days.

For the generations who are old enough to know that pursuing a Utopian society is a fool’s gambit that always ends with a concentration of power in the hands of a corrupt few, as well as the loss of individual liberty, and who are disgusted with their tone-deaf representatives in Washington, Donald Trump showed the courage they want in their leaders.