Why Hillary Clinton Cannot Win the 2016 Election

ELDER PATRIOT – As hard as Democrats have worked to cobble together a coalition of society’s discontent they cannot win without winning the votes of America’s most important majority, women.  Women comprise over fifty percent of the vote and they will not be voting for Hillary Clinton in numbers anywhere significant enough to get her elected in 2016.

I say this not as a result of any dissatisfaction with her official policies, though they will not help her either.  Hillary will not win the women’s vote because she has no longer connects with them emotionally.

Increasingly women are abandoning the feminist life and returning to a more traditional, if somewhat updated, lifestyle.  Only eighteen percent of women now believe feminism is the key to a happy life.

More importantly, fifty-five percent of women are mothers.  As I watch my granddaughters cradled in their mothers’ arms it brings me back to how my wife gave her undying commitment and love to our children.  For today’s mothers this has not changed.  Hopefully it never will.

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Mothers worry about their children in ways the rest of us cannot imagine.  They worry about what will happen to their little girls when they grow up.  The view from here says that they worry more about their daughters being victims of sexual assault than whether they get equal pay in the workplace.

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Voting for a woman who spent the better part of her public life denying the accusations of her husband’s victims and then discrediting them in an effort to silence them won’t be in the cards for today’s mothers.  Donald Trump will hammer this aspect of her hypocritical behavior throughout this campaign.

They worry about their little boys and what will happen to them.  Will they be called upon to serve in the military?  If they are will every effort be made to give them the best chance of returning unharmed or will political considerations govern the decisions of our Commander-in-Chief?

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We had sufficient military assets in the region to have prevented the deaths of the Americans serving at the embassy in Benghazi but Mrs. Clinton ordered them to stand down.  America’s moms know this.

America’s mothers view going to war as a last resort but they want to be assured if there is no other option that their soldiers will be given every chance to do their jobs and then return home safely.

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Hillary Clinton loses to Trump on both counts.  Her failure to act as the events were unfolding in Benghazi while Secretary of State is only part of it.

Trump has already denounced our involvement in the Middle East.  Conversely, Mrs. Clinton voted to authorize the Iraq war and had been at the forefront of our Afghanistan policy that has led to the deaths of thousands of young men.

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Trump will hammer these points during his campaign.

Then there’s Hillary’s indifference to the suffering she has inflicted on others.  She has made no effort to meet with the mothers and families of those who died executing her policies.  She has never visited those injured in our service while they were in the hospital.

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Her callousness will be hammered home by Trump and will resonate loudly among mothers who love their children in ways the rest of us cannot imagine.

Finally, Hillary will be unable to defend herself against Trump’s attacks on her open borders and Middle East immigration policies that threaten the safety of America’s children here at home. 

Trump will be able to cite government statistics that show while Hispanics comprise only seventeen percent of the population, they make up thirty-seven percent of all federal prisoners.  Whether they are here legally or illegally makes little difference when your child is the victim.

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Most damaging of all to Hillary Clinton will be her misplaced sympathies when it comes to welcoming Muslims into our neighborhoods, many of who will turn out to bring their jihadi determination with them just as they have done everywhere in Europe.

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Trump has the courage to challenge Mrs. Clinton in the most direct manner on these threats to our children that she has been at the center of during her long public life.   

Mrs. Clinton will have nowhere to hide when Trump recites chapter and verse Mrs. Clinton’s sordid past.  Most significantly, Mrs. Clinton’s persona as cold and calculating will do her no good in an election where mothers are more concerned about the safety of their children than who pays for whose contraception.  Men, who are more receptive to analytical policies, have largely sworn off Hillary already.

Among Democrats, Mrs. Clinton has only garnered around fifty-five percent of the vote while running virtually unopposed as the champion of women.  This is the ceiling her own party given her.  Only eight percent of Republicans polled say they would support Mrs. Clinton.

That is why Hillary and the Democrats are lying to themselves when they count on the women’s vote to put them over the top in 2016 and without the women’s vote Hillary will lose in a landslide.