Why Jews Are Always Victims

ELDER PATRIOT – Rabbi David Paskin is organizing a walkout of Donald Trump’s scheduled speech tomorrow night in front of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC.)  His reasoning is unassailable…for a schmuck.

“This is about denouncing hatred in all forms.  Everyone here at AIPAC denounces hatred.  What is far more important is what has happened this week and what will happen after the policy conference. We are going to continue to come together against hate. We are going to argue that what Mr. Trump calls PC, is not a bad thing, it is what we Jews call … being a good person.” – Rabbi David Paskin

Hey rabbi, six million Jewish people thought that “love” would win out in Nazi Germany.  You should ask them how that worked out for them.  Oh, wait, you can’t.

I can assure you the American soldiers who sacrificed so much for people they had never met used a lot worse words than Donald Trump ever has when they hit the beaches of Normandy and then left their youth behind fighting their way across Europe.  And, I can also assure you that those they selflessly came to save didn’t shoo them away because their language was off-color.

Rabbi Paskin makes his pious declarations from the relative safety of his perch in here in America.  This allows him to be selective in who he accepts as Israel’s savior because it’s not his family’s safety that he has to worry about.

The Jewish people are also the largest constituency within the Democratic Party that historically calls for increased gun control.  Their insistence on bringing a knife to a gun fight has caused them great pain and suffering over the centuries but what should be even more significant to the larger population has been the pain and suffering that others have suffered in their righteous defense of the Jewish people.

It’s curious that Rabbi Paskin never sought to boycott Hillary Clinton during any of the numerous times that she appeared before AIPAC despite the fact that as early as 1974 Hillary Clinton had embraced Yasser Arafat as a “freedom fighter” even though only Jewish people were targeted for his terrorist attacks.

No matter how hard Rabbi Paskin prays for a solution brought about by love, Donald Trump, with both his feet firmly planted in the real world, has correctly noted that some deals just cannot be made.  Negotiating with people who are prepared to die in order to get what they want doesn’t leave a lot of room for deal making.  In this case that’s because radical Islamists’ strident adherence to the Koran that demands conversion or death is rightfully a non-starter for most Jewish people.