Rand Paul Is Not Fit For The Presidency

ELDER PATRIOT –  Rand Paul’s claim of being a Constitutional adherent has been shown to be patently false.  On two of the biggest issues of the past year Paul has abandoned all pretense of that.When it appeared Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell might lose his primary battle against a bona fide conservative, Paul stepped in to endorse McConnell.

McConnell will best be remembered for feathering his own nest while America racked up debt from which it might never recover.   At a time when American’s needed a strong counter in Congress to an arrogant and out-of-control President, McConnell instead was the man the President could count on to organize the Republican vote.

A defeat of McConnell in his Kentucky primary battle would have necessitated the restructuring of the Senate’s power base.  More importantly, it would have sent shockwaves through the Republican Party’s elite that the conservative movement represented a serious challenge to every politician who continued to kowtow to the existing party politic.

Senator Paul had a chance to show true leadership to the people he soon will be asking to support him in his Presidential bid.  He chose to play politics instead.  What is the logical conclusion Paul expects?  Does he expect McConnell, who barely survived the primary challenge, to support him?  Would that mean more of the feckless McConnell as Majority Leader under a Paul Presidency?

Paul’s support of McConnell means only one thing; he has sold out to the Republican power structure.  Is this who we can count on to provide the bold leadership required to lead us back from the brink?

More unforgivable is Senator Paul’s support of Obamacare.  His actions speak much louder than his rhetoric on the issue.  Presented with a chance to challenge a fraudulent application to the District of Columbia’s health exchange, Paul, after being approached by McConnell, organized Republicans to line up against the challenge.

Why?  Because the fraudulent application was on behalf of Congress and their staffers who stood to lose their exemption from Obamacare, as well as their employer subsidies, if the application was denied.
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What comes next exposes Paul’s position in support of, both, Congressional exemption from the laws that govern the rest of us, and Obamacare in general.

Paul had a staffer release this statement:

“Senator Paul opposes allowing Congress to exempt themselves from any legislation,” an aide told the Conservative Review. “To that end, yesterday, he reintroduced his proposed constitutional amendment to prohibit Congress from passing any law that exempts themselves. Senator Paul prefers this option over a partisan cross-examination of Congressional staff.”

Talk about rolling over like a well-trained dog.  Senator Paul’s decision to serve his puppet masters on this issue tells us a lot about him:

•       While he’s seeking to become the highest law enforcement official in our country, he sees no reason to determine who filed a fraudulent application that costs American taxpayers untold millions of dollars.
•       When confronted with an opportunity to challenge Obamacare Senator Paul punted.  Passing on an opportunity to expose the tortured lengths necessary to maintain the unpopular healthcare legislation he obfuscated instead.
•       His decision to support a Constitutional amendment instead, suggests he’s employing Orrin Hatch’s deceitful plan.  Senator Hatch, facing defeat in his re-election bid, dusted off another suggested Constitutional amendment that we never heard of again: The Balanced Budget Amendment.  Senator Paul knows that any amendment would take years to be ratified, if at all.  Clearly, he’s made a decision to let Obamacare stand.

Rand Paul’s, willingness to accept illegal behavior, desire to maintain the status quo, and servile observance to a political machine exposes him to be the embodiment of all that currently plagues us.  Clearly, he can’t be counted on to fight those very same forces as President.