“Why Should I Work?”: Welfare Mom BRAGS About Cheating the System On Live Broadcast

VIA|  It goes without saying that the tax system in our country is in need of serious repairs. Portions of our income go to programs that help line the pockets of wealthy politicians, for starters. We often focus on people at the bottom of the totem pole benefiting from this broken system more than those at the top, but certain people just kind of lend themselves to this.

Take exhibit A below. This recording comes from a talk radio program that was discussing welfare in the United States when a 32-year-old woman known only as Lucy decided to call in.

She begins by asking the almost too simple question, “Can you blame us?”. She uses this to detail her logic for spending her whole day “smoking weed” while receiving checks from the government for food, clothing, and even gifts for her children for Christmas.

She proudly announces her intentions to live on welfare for the rest of her life, the same way she was brought up by her parents. While she mentions that she won’t mind if her kids decide to ‘work for a living’, she thinks they will be much happier living off of welfare for the rest of their lives instead, even saying, “If someone offered you $1 Million, wouldn’t you take it?”

We’re not so sure she understands where exactly that money is coming from.

This is of course not to say that all welfare recipients behave like this – all one needs to do to find a list of current millionaires who once benefited from welfare is search Google. Regardless, the biggest issue is how this behavior effects children. With no clear role model to teach ambition or the benefits of pursuing a dream, the cycle simply continues.

It’s understandable why so many people would be upset with Lucy, but when she has learned nothing but this lifestyle, perhaps her question does have some bearing: who really is to blame? And how do we stop it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.