ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – Well, it seems like another day, and another horrific terror attack, and nothing changes.  Has the Left in Western Europe or America come to their senses and announced that we shouldn’t keep importing Muslims into our midst who hate us and our culture, and who have no intention, ever, of assimilating?  No.  Not at all.  Not only have they not admitted that their multicultural policies have been a disaster, they bristle at the suggestion that Muslims hate us.

Never mind that the Paris Attack mastermind was able to stay in Muslim Enclaves in Brussels for months without being turned in to the authorities by anyone.  Just ignore that and exactly what it means.  Don’t connect the dots and realize just how high support for terrorism has to be in the Muslim community that hundreds, if not thousands, of random Muslims knew about the Parisian Bomber in their midst and not a single one of them was moved to contact the authorities about it.  Or the bomb making lab he had up in running in his Brussels hideout.

How much do they hate us?  Well, we can look at the Australian 60 Minutes film crew that made the mistake of going to a Muslim “No Go Zone” in Sweden, and were physically assaulted by Muslims inside of 90 seconds.  This holds true of every European country, by the way:  Everywhere that Muslims have been taken in, they have created neighborhoods where local Europeans are not only unwelcome, but actively expelled from their “territory”.  This even includes the police, fire department, and ambulances.  It is de facto foreign country, “The Caliphate”, within Europe’s borders.

60 minutes

Have you noticed how the Muslims who live in these zones know how to enforce a border, and how they don’t need walls or fences to do it either?  They just beat you to a pulp.  It seems to work pretty well.

How much do Muslims hate us?  A Belgian Yoga teacher tweeted that the Muslim children in his yoga class all celebrated the bombings in Brussels.  Yes, even the little Muslim children hate us.  If they are old enough to walk and talk, their Muslim parents have already taught them to hate us.


What was the response of Belgian authorities to this revelation?  Of course it was to have three Belgian policemen visit the Yoga teacher and warn him to shut up, and to censor his twitter account.  Supposedly the Belgian authorities are overwhelmed with the bombing investigation, but they took the time to spare 3 officers to threaten a Yoga teacher from telling the world how much the Muslims hate us.  We aren’t supposed to know.  Well, good luck keeping your finger in that dyke.  Psst:  I think the news has leaked out.

But don’t you dare suggest that America use physical violence to enforce our borders.  That makes you a “racist”.  We aren’t allowed to have a border, or a common language, or a culture.  Where people of white, European heritage are concerned, our Rulers have decreed that we can’t have those things.  Our culture has been slated for destruction by the New World Order, that wants to usher in a global feudal tyranny.  We, by extension, have been slated for extinction.  We are standing in the way of the New World Order, so our Elites are using militant Islam as an invading army to bring us to heel.  We see the extinction being carried out in slow motion across Europe.  One rape at a time in Germany or Sweden, one bombing at a time in France or Belgium.  One more village of three or four hundred Europeans who have two thousand Muslim migrants dumped in their laps, and told by the government to house and feed.  The Muslims, for their part, are quite open about their intentions, and will proclaim it loudly to anyone willing to listen:  We are here to conquer you.