Will Hillary Clinton Lead The Democratic Party or Destroy It?

ELDER PATRIOT – Only Hillary Clinton knows the extent to which she violated the Espionage Act at this time, but by obfuscating in an attempt to save her fading candidacy for the presidency, Mrs. Clinton has demonstrated her selfishness by putting herself ahead of her party.

Already, enough is known and has been admitted to by Mrs. Clinton herself to require she serve extended time in a federal prison.  That’s unlikely to be the outcome because the political elite always first attempt to protect of each other, at least until the effort puts them individually at risk. 

The risk she runs however is the longer she conceals the truth, the deeper the investigation will dig and the more likely it is that she will be exposed as a thoroughly corrupt and untrustworthy presidential candidate forcing her current supporters within the Democratic Party to abandon her with each new revelation in order to save their own political careers.

But, then what will be left of the party?  Who would be their presidential nominee and how much time would be left for that person to campaign? 

As it is, the Democrat’s candidates bench is very short and most of those that occupy it are at the end of their political careers – Pelosi, Reid, Biden, Sanders – and unlikely to connect with young voters who have historically been so important to the party’s success.  Other candidates like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders readily admit they are socialists and that is unlikely to win the electoral votes of more than the most liberal states, if any at all.  Martin O’Malley may be the best candidate they can run before their low information voters but his record as Mayor of Baltimore and then Governor of Maryland is hardly the stuff the larger voting public will see as deserving of presidential consideration.

The Clinton’s rose to power on a massive public relations campaign that the mainstream media aided and abetted by downplaying and even outright hiding their use of bribery, blackmail, payoffs, and murder.  In return for their cooperation or silence, party members were enriched and the Democrat’s constituent base were well fed off the taxes paid by the workers of the United States.  What couldn’t be funded by tax revenues were simply borrowed from the taxpayers’ children.

That one of the Clintons is now likely to be responsible for the party’s collapse is Schadenfreude in the extreme.  The only thing that can top that would be to see every member of this crime syndicate frog-walked out of their offices and into federal court for their arraignments.