Willie & Korie Robertson Have SHOCKING NEWS About Their Marriage, I Did Not Expect THIS!

VIA| When I saw what Willie Robertson just did for his wife Korie, I fell in love with them even more. This video is so sweet!

Willie and Korie announced that they have a new movie called ‘The Song’ and it highlights some sweet things in their marriage at certain points.

The Duck Dynasty couple were doing an interview for their new movie, and since the main character spontaneously serenades his wife in the film, Willie was asked if he could create an impromptu love song for Korie.

“Aw, of course he will!” Korie hilariously responded.

Without hesitation, Willie asked if anyone had a guitar to perform the romantic “Marriage” serenade. Seconds later, someone handed Willie a guitar!


He began strumming and creating lyrics. This is what the Duck Dynasty star came up with for his love song to Korie:

“Oh Korie, In all her glory / Boy, I could tell you some stories / She don’t mow the grass / Sometimes she gets gas / But being married to her is such a blast!”

Willie knew he was in trouble as he sang the “gas” part… But his song was so adorable that Korie forgot about it instantly!

Watch the sweet video right now…

It warmed my heart to see these two lovebirds share such a priceless moment. Although his lyrics were questionable, I know I’m not the only one impressed by Willie’s ability to carry a tune!