With Just 9 Words, Phil Robertson DESTROYED Hillary Clinton!

VIA| Phil Robertson, patriarch of the Robertson family and star of Duck Dynasty, is a conservative Christian who always tells us what he thinks!

He stands for Christian values, traditional marriage, and the security of America. So when he walked on stage at the Tea Party Patriot’s recent “Stop Iran Rally” in Washington, D.C., he turned to the camera and gave a message directly to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

He said:

“Repent and turn to God and do what’s right!”

Those words are perfect, and explain exactly what Hillary should do. Clinton keeps “apologizing” for illegally sending classified messages on a private email server, and calling it a “mistake.” That is hardly repentance, as she’s only sorry she was caught!

Hillary supports President Barack Obama’s dangerous deal with Iran, which is putting America at risk.

As Robertson went on to explain:

“I don’t do deals with individuals whoever they are, when they’re hollering at the top of their lungs when I walk out the place where we’re doing the deal, and they’re saying: ‘Death to you! We’re going to kill you,’” Robertson said.

“That’s the last bunch you want to have nuclear weapons.”

Thank you Phil Robertson for your powerful words to Hillary Clinton!

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