Woman Jailed For 9 Months For Raping A Man While He …

VIA| A woman from Seattle has been charged with raping a man whilst he slept. After pleading guilty, Chantae Gilman will serve nine months in jail and will be listed as a sex offender, according to court records accessed by The Smoking Gun.

The 28-year-old made a deal with prosecutors and admitted guilt to both attempted rape and assault, the charge was previously rape but amended criminal information reduced that count.

Gilman’s plea also requires her to serve two years probation upon release and it also forbids her from contacting the 32-year-old victim, who is only listed as M.O (his initials) in the court records.

Chantae admitted she’d made “a substantial step to have sexual intercourse with M.O.” As well as confessing that the victim did not consent to the sexual attack since he was asleep and unable to consent.

According to a police department report, M.O. stated that he did not know Gilman, other than that she was an acquaintance of a man who lives in his duplex. After attending a birthday party of the man she knew, he went home and fell asleep.

M.O described how he awoke to find the 240-pound girl atop him, himself erect inside her with his hands pinned above his head. After ignoring demands to remove herself, he was able to work his way out from underneath her.

There’s no indication in court or police records as to how Gilman gained access to the apartment.

During questioning, Gilman denied having been in his apartment or the incident occurring, as well as telling investigators that she has Bipolar disorder. Prosecutors have also advised that she be barred from consuming or possessing alcohol as well as any non-prescribed drugs.

The 28-year-old’s rap sheet stems back 15 years, including convictions for attempted robbery, attempted forgery, theft and possession of a stolen vehicle. When she was originally arrested for the latest incident back in June 2014, she was pregnant with her third child.

It seems as though she has got off quite lightly with this 9 month sentence, especially with a record as tainted with crime as hers.