Women Beware Hillary Clinton Has Declared War on You

ELDER PATRIOT – A central focus of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is her claim that only she can defend women from the war that is being waged on them although what that war looks like here in the United States is unclear at present.

Mrs. Clinton will claim that the war is based on who pays for a woman’s contraception, equal pay, and protecting the sexually abused.  Her own record on defending those sexually abused by her husband is abysmal and would’ve ended the career of any male politician immediately.  But I digress.

What is relevant today is how the Middle East strategy that she employed while Secretary of State has turned out not just for the women of that region but growing numbers of women in the West.  Rape and beheadings of women are now commonplace due in large part to the strength of ISIS whose growth Hillary Clinton funded while she was Secretary of State.

We have now learned that the U.S. Special Operations Forces raid that resulted in the killing of ISIS top financial official Abu Sayyaf also netted U.S. intelligence analysts an extensive treasure trove of documents showing that this is now a Big-League operation and providing great insight into the organization’s management of their income streams, stolen oil, antiquities, and rules for raping female prisoners.

One document is entitled “From our creator’s rulings on capturing prisoners and enslavement.”  It clearly sets forth the justification for raping female slaves based on quotes from the Prophet Mohamed under their interpretation of Islamic law.  This goes beyond the usual random and illegal acts of violence that is an unfortunate accompaniment of war.  It is an instruction manual carefully thought out and delineated in print authorizing the rape of non-believers.


They have imported their perverse religious justifications to Europe where rape gangs are running rampant in virtually every country on the continent.


Now, Hillary Clinton is joining Barack Obama in bringing this terror threat to our country by supporting virtually unlimited immigration from Jihadi regions of the Middle East.  No matter what the supporters of her immigration plan tell us, they have no way of vetting hundreds of thousands of people from this region annually with any level of confidence. 

Women are waking up to the fact that Hillary Clinton presents an existential threat to their safety.  This may go along way towards explaining why Donald Trump, with his call for closing the borders, is garnering 46.7% of the support of Republican women.


As we get closer to the election and the news from Europe keeps getting worse and more graphic expect support for Trump’s plan to rise significantly and expect Democrat women who avoid dark alleys for their own safety to join the growing legion of Trump supporters.

Of course, some people are, and always will be sheep.


Oh, one more thing.  If you’re a victim of one of these rape squads you can comfort yourself knowing it was your tax dollars that paid to bring them here and that supported them.  You’ll have only yourself to blame remember Dr Abd Al-Aziz Fawzan Al-Fawzan warned you.