Taylor Swift Did NOT KNOW The Camera Was Still On, What We Caught Her Doing? WHOA

VIA| Taylor Swift stunned her backup dancer Wednesday by donating $50,000 to an online fundraiser aimed at helping his 13-month-old nephew battle cancer.

“Baby Ayden, I’m lucky enough to perform with your uncle Toshi on tour. All of us are praying for you and your mama and sending so much love your way,” she wrote on the GoFundMe page. “Love, Taylor.”

Just hours earlier, Toshi Ateamiv had posted a note attached to an Instagram photo asking for friends to keep his nephew Ayden in their prayers and, if possible, donate to help with medical bills.

Ateamiv wrote on Instagram that he saw Swift’s donation upon landing in Toronto to perform later that night on her 1989 World Tour. “So I get off the plane in Toronto and this is the 1st thing I see… @taylorswift is an angel and My family and I can’t thank her enough… She is such an incredible human being… This will help Lil Toshi in this time of need… Let’s pray for him to beat this… This unexpected gift is truly a blessing,” he wrote.

Ayden was diagnosed with cancer earlier this week after spending more than two weeks in the ICU. Doctors first believed he had pneumonia, but testing revealed he had cancer, according to the GoFundMe page. The family was asking for financial assistance to pay for medical bills.

“His mother, Lindsey was let go from her job since she had to be by his side at the hospital for the past few weeks,” the page said. “They have a long road ahead of them and they need all of the prayers and support they can get. Please help them with your financial support as well as lifting them up to the Lord with your prayers. Any amount will help. Please just give so that Lindsey can be by Aydens side during this time.”

The fundraising page was later updated to thank Swift and Ateamiv.

“Thank you so much to Ayden’s uncle Toshi and Taylor Swift for their generous donation, which will allow Lindsey to focus on Ayden and be with him day and night without having to leave his side. Thank you so much…words cannot express the deep gratitude we have for you two and everyone that is a part of TEAM AYDEN who have prayed and contributed to the cause! God Bless all of you!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!”

The fundraiser has now raised $53,680, far surpassing the initial $20,000 goal.

Swift, who has been known to call and visit children with cancer, announced earlier this year that her mother was diagnosed with cancer.