WTF??? Coddled College Students Now Officially Worthless To Society

ELDER PATRIOT – I’m disappointed and appalled at hearing about the students who felt “injured and affected” at Bowdoin College after a group of them witnessed their classmates holding a Mexican themed party wearing sombreros and swilling Tequila.  Can you imagine?


Thankfully, I attended college at a time when drinking tequila in your pajamas while in class was accepted as long as you sat in the back of the room and weren’t overly disruptive to those who chose to listen to the lecture instead.  It was a time when Friday afternoon tar beach parties ended with the launching of water balloons into the university’s common area using a funnel and surgical tubing to propel them. 

I distinctly remember the time “Rabbit” landed a 16” fully loaded balloon at the feet of Dean Blanders as he was exiting his offices from over a football field away.  Blanders, a WWII veteran, looked down at his drenched trousers, surveyed the situation, and then burst out laughing.  Good show old man.  Unfortunately, those days are now lost to history.

There was more:


Much more:


But I’m straying too far from the point I want to make.

What the hell are today’s pussies going to do when they’re faced with something approaching a real crisis?  We obviously can’t count on these useless shits if we’re ever again called upon to scale the cliffs of Normandy or even someone contesting their claim on a parking space in an overcrowded mall lot.  Hell, these worms wouldn’t have the cajones to even defend their girlfriend against an overly flirtatious drunken barfly.  I’m glad my daughters never brought home one of these punks lest I’d have had to bitch slap him and send him on his way.

I don’t mean to ignore the young women who have been traumatized by this harmless display.  But, what should we expect when the most powerful woman in the world gives us this:


Should I ever re-enter the corporate world where I would again have to hire young people I will be sure to ask them if they ever felt threatened while in college and on campus and why.  I’ll know my guy or gal when he or she starts laughing at me.