VIA| Famous pop star Beyonce took the stage during the Halftime Show Sunday during the Super Bowl and gave a performance that has folks buzzing this morning, but not because it was awesome.

No, the majority of attention she’s getting is for the political message presented during her performance.

Check it out.

From TheBlaze:

Beyonce is capturing attention for controversial political messages that were embedded in her Super Bowl 50 halftime show on Sunday night, with critics and fans debating over her dancers presumably being dressed like Black Panthers and making a black power salute.

Performing her new song “Formation,” Beyonce and her dancers were dressed in all black, wore black berets and, at one point, positioned themselves in an “X” on the field — something that some observers said was done in reference to Malcolm X, the Daily Mail reported.

One of the dancers was seen after the performance supposedly making a black power salute while holding a sign that read “Justice 4 Mario Woods,” as she was surrounded by other dancers who were doing the same salute.


Woods was killed by San Francisco police last December, with many activists claiming that the officers were in the wrong.

The Super Bowl performance was dubbed, quite possibly, “the most radical political statement from the superstar in her 20-year career” by the Guardian, with Business Insider noting that, while fans are praising the Beyonce for it, not everyone is happy — especially about her new song.

In fact, the music video for “Formation,” the song which she performed during the halftime show, has some calling for boycotts. The video shows Beyonce sitting and standing on what appears to be a police car submerged in water.

I think conservative pundit Michelle Malkin’s tweet pretty much says it all when it comes to Beyonce’s “performance.”

I’m not at all surprised by Beyonce’s actions — for the record, I didn’t watch the halftime show, as I didn’t want to subject myself to this kind of auditory and visual torture — because liberals in the entertainment industry have been doing all they can to capitalize off the racial divide and cop hate in America for their own personal gain.

Unfortunately, this woman has a megaton of pull in pop culture, which means she has a powerful platform for pushing the progressive agenda, and kids are eating it up like Skittles.

This is exactly why we need more conservatives in Hollywood.