WTF Happened To America?

ELDER PATRIOT – There’s an important new film that’s scheduled for release shortly.  It’s name, “Return to the Hiding Place,” recalls the time when brave young Nordic idealists were willing to sacrifice themselves in order to create safe havens for Jewish people who were being threatened with extinction by the Nazis. 

The film’s underlying question is whether that same selfless heroism and commitment to doing God’s work still burns strongly in enough people to save the Christians and Jews suffering unspeakable fates in what amounts to a Second Holocaust being conducted in Islamic countries.

There should be no need for this film in this country but sadly there is.  How we arrived at a point where we simultaneously refer to our World War II generation as the “greatest” for the sacrifices they made in preserving freedom and then turn a blind’s eye towards similar atrocities being committed today is a reflection on how successfully the media and our government has warped our view of righteousness.

Righteousness no longer has a biblical definition in America.  It has been redefined by the Secular-Left to mean whatever government defines it to be.  As a result any borrowing necessary to fund government programs, military excursions and foreign aid is also righteous.  This is the new America.

And, if the handling of international affairs is influenced by our burgeoning national debt, well it’s all in the name of righteousness.  The recent Iran nuke deal is proof that financial considerations are now driving our foreign policy decisions. 

Israel is a small country whose potential for American profiteers is dwarfed by the larger Middle East nations that it is surrounded by.  The fact that it is the only Judeo-Christian democracy in the region matters little to our new breed of secular decision-makers who saw fit to throw Israel under the bus in the name of increased government revenues.

The “deal” provides the radical Islamic regime with billions of your tax dollars some of it that will likely be used to fund the continued slaughter of Christians and Jews rather than put an end to it.  Incredibly, the plight of these people wasn’t even addressed in the negotiations.

There is no righteousness in this.  Clearly, America has ceded the moral high ground that had served as the foundation for her greatness. 

Hopefully this film will awaken our collective spirit to demand our leadership return to doing the right thing before we are again diminished into small pockets of righteous resistance.