WTF, HowTF, WhyTF??? No Matter How Many Times You Say It Is, America Is No Longer Great

ELDER PATRIOT – Green Berets Charles Martland and Daniel Quinn have been discharged from further military service for intervening in the rape of a young Afghani boy by a ranking Afghani military officer that was occurring on a U.S. military base.  The reason?  Because “that is their culture and we must respect it.”  Someone needs to explain to me:

  • WTF we are doing risking the health and well being of our young military personnel defending over there?
  • HowTF anyone can buy the lie that all cultures are equal?
  • WhyTF anyone would enlist in such an immoral effort
  • WhyTF the American Left remains silent on this?  Isn’t everything always about the children for them?  Aren’t they always appalled at the innocent who are victims of war?


WTF did Donald Trump hope to accomplish with his new tax plan?  It’s estimated that fully 50% of workers will no longer pay taxes.  Coupled with those living off the work of others the majority of voters will have zero incentive to reign in the irresponsible spending that has been the hallmark of our government since Lyndon Johnson occupied the White House.


Speaking at the United Nations President Obama revealed the two major items left on his agenda, a global warming agreement and settlement of the Syria conflict and hee plans to bypass Congressional approval on both because he wouldn’t get it.

WhyTF do we pretend to have a Constitution?  It’s become obvious that progressive voters are content with a dictatorship.

WhyTF do Republican voters think that the same representatives that have surreptitiously supported Obama’s evisceration of the Constitution deserve re-election?


Rula Jebreal identifies herself as a foreign policy expert.  Appearing on CNN Tonight she claimed Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz “will have blood on their hands” if someone shoots up a mosque.  WTF???  Doesn’t she realize that only synagogues and churches are targeted and that’s by the government for the purpose of advancing their gun control agenda?  Isn’t she concerned that the majority of Muslims hold Sharia law above Constitutional law?

Rula is another liberal shill who tells us to cower in the corner rather than being grateful that gun owners in the United States continue prove their respect for the law despite continued antagonism from the left intended to incite them.   Our Founders envisioned the need for the Second Amendment precisely on the policies of the left.  Gun owners in this country have proven that trust to be more than well placed.