WTF RLY?? Clinton’s MOST TRUSTED ADVISOR Forgot THIS Was in HER Bank Account?!?

VIA| Suppose I were to drop THIRTY THREE THOUSAND dollars into your bank account today, think you’d notice? No? Well that’s exactly what Hillary Clinton’s long time top aid would have us believe.

 Clinton’s campaign to win the Democrat Party’s nomination for the office of President of the United States has been beleaguered in recent months by stagnating poll numbers as American’s struggle with issues surrounding mistrust and a propensity for telling half truths. In a (not so) odd case of “the acorn never falling far from the oak tree”, it now appears her long-time top staffer, Huma Abedin is embroiled in her own controversy.

Federal officers have revealed a formal investigation into Ms. Abedin for embezzling thousands of dollars from the federal government. Abedin served as a Deputy Chief of Staff to Mrs. Clinton from 2009 until late 2012 . Apparently more than enough time to learn a few tricks of the trade. Under investigation are both over-payment for vacation time and neglecting to turn in proper time sheets.

Ms. Abedin has confirmed that she took a “Babymoon” (vacation and maternity time off) from her position at the State Department without expending her formal leave. This ‘oversight’ resulted in thousands of dollars of pay she was not entitled to receive but accepted anyway.

The Washington Times has reported that the probe also gathered evidence she filed time sheets charging the government for impermissible overtime and excessive hours after she converted from a full-time federal employee to a State Department contractor.

According to documents gathered by the State Department Inspector General those timecards were filed during a period that remains under investigation over questions about possible conflicts of interest.

For her part, Ms. Abedin has told investigators she hadn’t noticed she had received a $33,000 lump sum payment —about a third of which investigators determined was improper— when she left the State Department. Hadn’t noticed? How’s that possible?

“My husband handles all the finances in our household,” she told investigators during a recorded interview in October 2014.

Who is this husband? None other than disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner, the New York Congressman who resigned in 2011 over his inability to keep his Mr. Weiner pictures off the internet. She said she only learned of the payment after being contacted by investigators. “I did ask my husband to look up our bank statements, and we did have a deposit,” she said during her interview.

Yes, that’s right. This liberated, liberal, powerful, career woman working within the power corridors of Washington D.C. and New York City doesn’t know what’s going on in her own bank account because, ….well, ….my husband handles all of that ‘money stuff.’

The State Department’s inspector general formally concluded that Abedin did fail to correctly submit multiple required time sheets and leave forms covering her vacation and maternity leave, resulting in over-payment of $10,674.32 she wasn’t entitled to.

The Abedin investigation’s existence has been known for weeks, but the contents and findings have never been publicly released….until now.