VIA| If there’s any doubt left in the credibility of the mainstream media, recent allegations of a Russian jet being shot down in Turkey should have brought confidence in their objectivity down to an all-time low.

The Daily Mail wrote:

According to Daily Express, one journalist tweeted that three Turkish planes had been responding to ‘mysterious’ lock-ons from MIG-29 jets, which are used by Putin’s forces.

There is one glaring error in the above statement, even if we were to accept the rumor: first off, the Russia did not deploy MIG-29 jets in Syria, and instead has the more modern Sukhoi Su-34 and Su-24SM jets flying bombing missions there.

I would also like to point out that when a large mainstream publication decides to publish rumor as fact, these days they get away with putting zero research into determining the authenticity of the rumor- especially when it deals with Russia. A glaring error like the one spotted above should have been enough to prevent the Daily Mail from publishing the matter, but they still did so anyway, to the detriment of all their readers.

Then, one has to wonder at the credibility of the journalist who had made the tweet to begin with, and how honest these journos really are.

In the aftermath of the lie, fake photographs “proving” that a Russian jet had been shot down in Turkey turned out to have been simply copied from a much earlier incident in 2011 where an Afghan Mi-17 was downed– so far no evidence of a Russian jet being shot down has been found.

In other Daily Mail news, the Yeti was mauled by a Russian truck, because pictures have surfaced of a large dead hairy animal on the side of a road. The evil Russians claim that the large hairy animal was in fact just a moose, and that the truck was not even one of theirs, as the photo taken in Canada. The Daily Mail issued a statement declaring that the Russians were conspiracy theorists.

Of ALL the times to sensationalize rumors, this is probably not it; the US, Russia and even China have folks in Syria, and such rumors might just provoke an “overreaction” on the part of any one of these great powers… leading to very real consequences for all of us.