Yankees Acquisition of Top Closer Reveals Liberal Hypocrisy

ELDER PATRIOT – The hypocrisy of the Left was on full display this week over two separate and unequal events.

The New York Yankees acquired the best closer in major league baseball two days ago by trading four minor leaguers to the Cincinnati Reds.  The trade for Aroldis Chapman led New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito to comment on something that shouldn’t involve her, “As a woman I’m offended by it.  It’s very disturbing.”  She went on to say “it’s appalling.”

Chapman was investigated by Miami police in October after they responded to a call alleging a domestic violence dispute involving his girlfriend. No charges were ever brought against the star pitcher.  Still Mark-Viverito felt the need to say that, “In some ways, it’s condoning this type of violence.”

Huh?  A woman makes as yet unsubstantiated charges against a man and he should be punished regardless of the outcome of the police investigation?  And, his employer should be held in contempt?

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton’s husband, ex-president Bill Clinton was characterized by NBC News as “allegedly” having an affair with Monica Lewinsky.  The ex-president was found guilty of lying to a grand jury in an effort to hide the truth.  He was also accused of rape and other acts of sexual predation by multiple women over the years.  But when it’s a member of Mark-Viverito’s own party she’s mum. 

Mark-Viverito never felt the need to speak out publicly against Mr. Clinton or his wife, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton who personally orchestrated smear campaigns against the women who came forward in an effort to keep them silent.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for Mark-Viverito to say anything negative about Bill or Hillary.  After all, she’s just a low-level Capo in the much bigger Clinton-Democrat Crime Family.