You'll NEVER Guess What Term 'Feminists' Are Now Saying Is OFFENSIVE … SMFH

ELDER PATRIOT – Actress Kim Cattrall of the TV show “Sex and the City” today illustrated the growing divide between feminists and Americans firmly based in traditional values when said she finds the term “childless” offensive and that she considers herself a mother because she mentors young actors and actresses. 

Get real Kim you’re delusional.  That no more qualifies you for motherhood than it did my high school guidance counselor. Sorry but that’s more the definition of friendship and not of motherhood.

How about carrying a gestating baby for nine months without a break while your back pain increases on a daily basis and all the while your only concern during every minute of that time is praying that your baby will be healthy?

It doesn’t change after the pain of childbirth either.  That’s followed by months that turn into years of nearly sleepless nights, sore breasts and almost zero personal time.

Then that’s followed by years of emotional pain caused not only by your own disappointments but those of your child, as well.

It’s about doing without so your child can go to the prom or get that new baseball glove and not ever feeling cheated.  It’s about spending what you can scrape together to go to the beach or an amusement park, your dreams of seeing Europe clearly in the rearview mirror but not caring.  It’s about happily sacrificing your dreams for their dreams at Christmas.

Being a mother requires actually making these sacrifices, not talking about them.  I know, I have watched my wife give of herself in this manner for the past 34 years.

But, since you brought it up here’s what I find offensive Kim.  It’s the role you chose to play portraying sex as a recreational diversion rather than an act between two people committed to the love that they share.  That’s made mentoring our four children about our values more difficult than it needed to be.