ROMNEY WORDSWORTH - Barack Obama has been floating the idea for a few years now of setting up a “No Buy List” for firearms along similar lines to the current Federal “No Fly List” that bans suspected terrorists from getting on an airplane.  Donald Trump recently announced he wanted to negotiate with the NRA to get their support behind such a bill in Congress.  It is a grave mistake, and Donald Trump needs to turn around 180 degrees on this issue right away.  Here is why:

1) The first objection is how the Obama Administration would administer a “No Buy” list.  They would run a “No Buy” list the same as how they run the “No Fly” list.  That is a 4th Amendment Due Process Nightmare.  The Federal Government puts people on the “No Fly” list in secret.  There is no due process.  There is no notice, there is no way to fight it, and there is no appeal.  There is no procedure to get yourself off the “No Fly” list once you are put on it, and there are, by some estimates, tens of thousands on the “No Fly” list through error or mistake.  Subjecting the 2nd Amendment Right to keep and bear arms to the same kind of Star Chamber treatment would be to effectively repeal the 2nd Amendment, not to mention most of the rest of the Bill of Rights.

And if you are too dangerous to get on a plane, or buy a gun, they why are you allowed to be living next door to me?   Seriously, if someone is that damn dangerous to public safety, then bring charges and prosecute.  You know, like the Constitution says government is required to do.

2) Barack Obama is too much of partisan bastard to be trusted to fairly run a “No Buy” list.  Allow Barack Obama to have a “No Buy” list, and the first thing he will do is pack the list with his political enemies.  All we’ll end up with is a long list of TEA Party members and patriots who are against government exceeding constitutional authority being on such a list, while the Obama See-Something-Do-Nothing attitude toward Islam will result in NO Muslims being put on such a list, out of considerations for political correctness.

This is an obvious trap, and it is obvious that Obama will use such a list to eff with his political enemies, because he is already doing the exact same thing with the DHS and the IRS.  We can’t trust Obama not to be political about this. 

3) We also can’t trust Obama to be patriotic and act in America’s best interests.  From 2012 onward, Obama has been supporting and funding Al Qaeda in Iraq, which then transformed itself into ISIS.  Obama is shipping in Muslims from all over the world without vetting them, and placing them all over the country in secret.  Those numbers are certain to contain high numbers of Jihadis who are going to end up committing terrorist acts against innocent Americans.  Obama has shut down FBI investigations into radical mosques, and set up ridiculous rules hamstringing our intelligence services, like telling them they can’t look at or consider the social media posts of Muslims when vetting them for investigation.  That little handcuff allowed the San Bernadino couple to fly under the radar until they decided to shoot up the state office where they were employed.  Obama similarly shut down an investigation of the mosque that Omar Mateen went to.  It prevented the FBI from investigating his Taliban cheer leading father, Seddique Mateen.

Breitbart News reported Tuesday on a “Secret” classified intelligence report sent to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other top U.S. officials and agencies in August 2012. The report confirmed that Western and Gulf states were joining with Turkey to “support” the Syrian opposition to dictator Bashar al Assad. The report confirmed that the Syrian opposition was being led by three groups, including Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), which later became ISIS. The report confirmed that AQI was communicating through spokesman Muhammad al Adnani, who is now the chief spokesman for ISIS.

All of these actions by Obama can be summed up in one word:  TREASON.  Obama is a treasonous bastard and Donald Trump should give him a good sock in the jaw right after he is sworn in as President, and put Obama under arrest for Treason.