A Word To New Yorkers A Vote For Kasich is a Vote For Cruz

ELDER PATRIOT - As New Yorkers prepare to vote in today’s Republican primary they should be aware that a vote for Ohio Governor John Kasich is a vote for Ted Cruz. This is because Kasich has no path to the nomination. 

The rules prevent any candidate from having their name put into nomination unless they have received the majority of the delegates in at least eight states.  Only Trump and Cruz have achieved that many to date and there’s simply no polls that indicate Kasich can win even one more state let alone gain sweeping majorities in the seven more states he needs in order to be considered.

Trump and Cruz, by virtue of having the majority of the delegates will also control the rules committee.  Their campaigns have already agreed amongst themselves that rule will not be changed.  This means that the next GOP presidential nominee will be either Trump or Cruz.  End of discussion.

For New Yorkers this leaves them with two choices today.  They can vote for Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.  Or, they can throw their vote to Ted Cruz by believing that their vote for John Kasich actually means something.

New Yorkers who are soundly rejecting Ted Cruz, but favoring John Kasich over Donald Trump, should be aware of what their vote really means.  Today, you either cast a vote for Trump or Cruz.  There are no other choices.