Anime Was a Mistake – Did Hayao Miyazaki Really Say That

Hayao Miyazaki Otaku – Anime Was a Mistake Quote Meme

“Anime was a mistake” is a quote that appeared at different places and various instances. Although it is a real quote, it has been treated as a troll quote by lots of people. This quote is attributed to one of the most famous Japanese artists, Hayao Miyazaki. 

Anime is a form of art that is loved by people both in Japan and outside Japan. Due to this, the quote “Anime was a mistake” does not place anime in a good light.

Although the quote “Anime was a mistake” is real, lots of people especially anime fans do not agree with this quote. The reason for this is quite obvious. While certain people are of the opinion that those words are real, another category of people believes he never said such words. That’s not all. People associated with Otaku and weeaboo subcultures do not agree that anime could have been a mistake.


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About Hayao Miyazaki

Hayao Miyazaki is a Japanese manga artist, author, screenwriter, and animator that was born in January. He got to limelight because of his anime films and his story. This, however, was after he established an animation studio known as Studio Ghibi.

Hayao did not just become an animator overnight. His dream to be an animator was nursed for many years before it came into fruition. Before becoming a force to be reckoned with in the animation industry, Hayao worked at Tiel Animation. In this firm, he played the role of an in-between artist. He went on to collaborate with Isao Takahata, a highly-rated director. While at Toei Animation, Hayao Miyazaki contributed to the success of Gulliver’s Travels Beyond the Moon and Doggie March.

While working with Isao Takahata, Miyazaki was the co-director of Lupin the third I. That’s not all, He also he played a significant role in the success of the TV series known as Future Boy Conan. Before 1979, Miyazaki did not deem it fit to work alone. However, in 1979, he directed a feature film. In the same year, he teamed up with Telecom Animation Film/Tokyo Movie Shinsha. This partnership saw him direct The Castle of Cagiliotro. Some years after doing this, he went ahead to direct a feature film known as Nausicaāā of the Valley of the Wind.

While at Tokyo Movie Shinsha, Hayao Miyazaki directed a television series known as Sherlock Hound. This occurred in 1984. A year after this, he founded Studio Ghibli. Using this studio as a tool, he went ahead to direct lots of films. Some of them include Porco Ross, Kimi’s delivery service, My Neighbor Totoro and Castle in the sky.

These films enjoyed a great deal of commercial and critical success in Japan. Of the many films Hayao directed, Princess Monnonoke won the award for the Picture of the Year at the Japan Academy Prize. Although this is great, there is more. This film w this award before any other animated film in Japan. It went ahead t become the highest-grossing film in Japan.

Beyond being a successful animator, Miyazaki is also a source of inspiration to kids, artists, and animators in Japan. This is possible because of the route taken by lots of his works. Most of Hayao’s works shed light on the interaction of humanity with technology and nature.

How Did “Anime was a Mistake” Originate

The quote “Anime was a mistake” might be special. It, however, is not different from lots of quotes on the internet that are drawn out of various statements and are associated with different meanings. The origin of “Anime was a mistake” can be traced to one of the many interviews Hayao Miyazaki had. This interview is associated with Golden Times, a Japanese news site. This news site published the interview in January 2014. While talking in this interview, Miyazaki expressed some scepticism about anime as a form of art.

He was basically worried because of new generation animators, He was concerned about new generation animators not being willing to spend time in observing real-life interactions as they were so concerned with noticing only themselves.

How did “Anime was a Mistake” get Popular

Hayao Miyazaki made the statement “Anime was a mistake” in January 2014 and it remained underground for about a year. It started becoming a thing in January, 2015. This happened after a couple of animated GIFs with Miyazaki’s images from a documentary got posted. After being posted, they gained popularity slowly as various Tumblr users came across them.

These images were not captioned in a very nice way. They, therefore, succeeded in misleading people into thinking Hayao Miyazaki considered anime to be a mistake. As at March 2016, the post had been seen by 271,725 people. Due to its popularity, it became a “troll quote”

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