Attack of the Obama Clones - The Phantom Menace

ROMNEY WORDSWORTH - Executions of police officers is on the rise.  According to the Officer Down Memorial Page website, there have been 83 deaths of Law Enforcement Officers in 2015.  In the month of August alone, there were 14 deaths, nearly one every two days.  Twenty-four of this yearly total have been executions by gunfire.  The month of August saw a gruesome execution spree where several officers were gunned down in disparate parts of the country, from Fox Lake, Illinois, to Harris County, Texas, to Bell City and Shreveport, Louisiana, to Memphis, Tennessee.  July saw a cop shot execution style in California, and June saw the same thing happen in New York City.

Is there a connection between all these shootings?  I believe there are two common threads connecting these murders.  The first is George Soros.  George Soros has spent millions funding the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as rioters in Ferguson, MO.  The tipoff that professional provocateurs had been sent in to Ferguson was when some of them complained publically about not getting paid.  Now, maybe this sounds like a conspiracy theory to you, and maybe this sounds too incredible to believe.  But it is actually mainstream news reported on by the Washington Post back on January 14, 2015 by reporter Kelly Ridell.  As reported in the Washington Post, George Soros has funded the Ferguson Rioters to the tune of $33 million through his nonprofit Open Society Foundations,, and dozens of other front groups.  There is every reason to believe that the riots in Baltimore this summer was similarly “guided” by professional, paid agitators.

Now we have #blacklivesmatter organizing marches and chanting slogans about bringing about a race war in this country, and targeting cops and whites for murder.  Charming little ditties like:  “Pigs in a blanket, Fry ‘em like bacon!” and “What do we want?  DEAD COPS!  When do we want it?  NOW!”

So, thread #1 is a well funded street agitation movement, specifically targeting cops with murder.  Thread #2 is the changing conduct of the police themselves.  There has been a sea change in police training, and how the police view themselves in the community.  This view has changed from being Officers of the Peace to being a combination of being a local Army of Occupation, and being the Tax Collectors of Government.

Police have used speed traps to generate revenue for decades. That’s nothing new, but there are factors creating a new dynamic. One, police are now being trained to use more brutal tactics in dealing with the public. It’s a “Taser First, Ask Questions Later” mentality. Except sometimes they use bullets, not tasers.  Sometimes, they infamously use flash bang grenades thrown into baby cribs.  Another example of the new, more brutal policing model, police now routinely shoot the dogs of citizens any time they have to go on to private property. If your dog so much as makes one bark, police are now trained to shoot your dog as a first resort, regardless of why they are on your property.  Police are now being trained to draw a weapon (a Taser, Pepper Spray, or even a firearm) as a First Response to any resistance to police commands, whether real or perceived.  Asking questions, or pointing out the unconstitutionality of an order, is considered resisting arrest or obstruction of police business.  Police routinely across the country order citizens to stop filming them during a traffic stop or an arrest situation, even though the Supreme Court has ruled unequivocally, more than once, that such orders are unconstitutional and that citizens have an absolute right to film.  If you go do a google search, there is a new video showing police brutality on citizens every week. One of the most common is body slamming citizens who are already handcuffed, with their hands behind their backs, kicking out their feet and making sure they hit the pavement or floor face first. This is being done even with women in police custody. Again, that doesn’t just happen.  When it keeps happening over and over, it means Police learn to do that in training, and that is the new police academy curriculum. 

Community-Police relations have grown sour precisely in sync with police militarization. Police now roll heavier than combat troops in Afghanistan, not just in terms of body armor and firepower, but they are also rolling in MRAPS.  The use of SWAT teams has exploded exponentially.  According to The WEEK news magazine, from January 19, 2015, the number of SWAT raids nationwide has grown from 3,000 in 1980 to 80,000 a year today.  SWAT teams are being used to serve warrants for misdemeanors, to take down an optometrist guilty of making bets on football games, and to raid a house raising chickens contrary to local ordinance (the chickens all being dispatched with lethal force).  Not that anyone in government these days thinks much about destroying or seizing your property before a due process hearing, of course.   Then there is the story reported on by KUSA Television in Colorado this week about how a Deputy Sheriff wrote a ticket for a cracked windshield and gave it to a motorist…while he was in the parking lot of a glass repair shop and was waiting his turn to drive his vehicle into the garage to have it replaced.  Confirmation by the repair garage was to no avail:  The Sheriff had found a Serf to shakedown and add to the coffers of Prince John, er, the local town council, and appeals to reason or compassion were futile. 

All that militarization seeps into policing mentality. If you view the community as an enemy, if your police department acts like they are occupying Fallujah, they will create Fallujah.  A blind man could have seen that growing police brutality would produce the blow back that we are seeing now: Citizens assassinating cops in retaliation.  If police mottos have morphed from “To Protect & Serve” into “To Prey Upon & Surveil”, somebody ordered them to do so. And that somebody is your own local Mayor or Town Council. I imagine cops don’t like ticket quotas any more than we do, but if they are treating your community as just so many marks to shake down for more money, the people setting those quotas are the people you are voting for. We have to start making this a campaign issue and a litmus test for those running for local office. Otherwise, the wolves will continue to prey upon the sheeple.

I am not saying that police brutality justifies execution of cops.  I am saying that police brutality will not command the hearts and minds of the people, and may explain why calls for attacks on police are resonating with such a large segment of the population.  This is not an accident.  The Regime run by Obama that has George Soros funding and agitating for a Race War in this country is the same Regime that runs the Federal government, and the DHS program that is showering local law enforcement with armored vehicles, automatic weapons, and military style training.  A conflict is being engineered from the top, and from the bottom.  The strategy is called “Bottom Up, Top Down, Inside Out”, and if that sounds familiar, it is because this is what Van Jones (the White House aide who was forced out of his position in 2008 when his ties to radical communism became publicized) was famous for saying repeatedly.  This plan is being implemented today, and Barack Obama is like Emperor Palpatine, secretly directing the troops of the Separatists from the shadows while building up a new domestic clone army, and turning the Republic into an Evil Empire.  Police receiving militarized training, and inner city blacks receiving militarized rhetoric are both being used as pawns for a more sinister purpose:  The stripping away of our liberties and the institution of a Police State. 

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