New Evidence Suggests Justice Scalia Was Assassinated

OMNEY WORDSWORTH – News broke on Saturday, February 13th, that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead at a guest ranch in Texas. Authorities rushed to say that he died of natural causes, but what was this pronouncement based on?

The Facts:

1) No one saw Scalia die, that we know of, naturally or otherwise. He was found dead, in his bed, by an unidentified ranch employee, which I am going to go ahead and presume was a room maid, or some such similar employee. Significantly, an employee without a medical degree, or experience in forensic investigation.

2) No autopsy has been ordered.

3) Within 24 hours, Scalia’s body was moved to a local funeral home, and subjected to embalming. It is now impossible to do a worthwhile autopsy because the embalming process removes all the blood (which may have carried evidence of poisons or neurotoxins) and the tissue is similarly corrupted by embalming fluid, conveniently erasing any tracks that a poisoner might have left behind.

4) Therefore, there has been no competent medical exam, cursory or otherwise, upon which authorities could base a conclusion of no foul play. The authorities have jumped to the conclusion that Scalia died naturally, without doing a single thing to confirm or corroborate that conclusion.

5) UPDATE: mySA, a local San Antonio news site, is reporting this morning on an interview with John Poindexter, the Houston businessman who owns the Cibolo Creek Ranch where Justice Scalia died over the weekend. Poindexter claims that he was the one who found Scalia, and that he found Scalia WITH A PILLOW OVER HIS HEAD!

6) Scalia had no known health issues prior to his death. So the official narrative is that a 79 year old man in good health suddenly died overnight. Possible? Yes. Plausible? This leaves Fact and veers into Opinion.

7) The County Judge who pronounced Scalia dead of natural causes is Cinderela Guevara. She made the pronouncement without personally seeing Scalia’s body, and based it solely on a telephone conversation with a local Sheriff’s Officer. It has not been confirmed whether or not she was informed about Scalia being found with a pillow over his head. She is a Democrat. She is also a Mexican-American. No information is yet available on her views regarding the ongoing immigration controversies, or whether she personally benefited from an amnesty program or illegal immigration herself. Judge Guevara had the authority to order an autopsy but she chose not to do so. Another County Judge who had been contacted by the Ranch but who could not respond in time has said that she would have ordered an autopsy.

The Motive:

Justice Scalia was one of four Conservative Justices on the Supreme Court. The current Supreme Court was balanced on a tight rope, with 4 Justices who ascribe to Originalism in interpreting the Constitution*, 4 Justices who are Obama toadies who automatically uphold whatever he does, and Justice Kennedy, who does whatever gets him the greatest accolades from the Washington D.C. media elites.

*With the exception of Chief Justice Roberts, who appears to have been blackmailed into reversing his original opinion to strike down Obamacare as unconstitutional. In a bizarre series of events, Roberts ended up writing both the majority opinion and the dissent on the decision to uphold Obamacare, writing a polar opposite opinion days after having written the original opinion striking it down, which then became the dissent. It was Justice Scalia, in fact, who insisted on keeping Roberts’ name on the dissent of the opinion, to draw attention to his sudden flip flop.

It is well known that Barack Obama wanted to permanently tilt the Supreme Court in favor of his sycophantic toady appointees. It is also well known that considerable pressure was put on Ruth Bader Ginsburg to retire, so that Obama could replace her with a younger drone. The entire Authoritarian Left had a motive to kill Justice Scalia, from Obama down to the Marxist teaching your kid English at your local middle school, because the Supreme Court is the chief means the Left uses to get its agenda passed on things like Abortion and Marriage for Homosexuals, to the government annexing the health care industry and 1/6th of the economy. In the coming year, the Supreme Court is set to revisit the divisive issue of abortion, it recently struck down Obama’s EPA making war on the coal industry, and it will end up ruling on Obama’s recent proposal to have Federal “monitors” invade every home in the nation to act as “partners” in raising your child (more on that in tomorrow’s column).

The Means:

The United States Federal Government absolutely has resorted to political assassinations at home, and abroad, in the past. The U.S. has used assassinations to install dictators all over Central and South America. The Federal Government uses Hellfire missiles fired from Predator Drones to assassinate its own citizens abroad, on a regular basis. Federal Agents just assassinated an Oregon protestor, Roy Finicum, at a roadblock a week ago. The unarmed Finicum was gunned down and shot nine times. Anyone who argues this point can go ask Michael Hastings or Ambassador Stevens. Oh, they’re dead. Well, let’s ask Vince Foster and the members of Seal Team Six then. Oh yeah, they’re all dead too.

The Church Committee in Congress in the 1970’s investigated and confirmed that even back then, the CIA had developed a “heart attack gun” that fired tiny poison darts that could induce a heart attack in a victim, or inject a victim with a cancer virus.

Anyone who doubts the Federal government’s willingness to commit murder obviously never heard of the Tuskegee Airmen getting secretly injected with syphilis by their loving government, or all our other current veterans who are put on No Treat Lists by the VA to kill them via Death by Denial. If the claim is that Justice Scalia died a natural death, then that just means the assassination was a professional hit job.

The timing of Scalia’s passing seems a bit too convenient to me, and the Democrat Party has wasted no time in calling for the Senate to confirm an immediate replacement. The Democrat Party is filled with radical Marxists and Communists for which pushing their political goals BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY is a moral imperative. For once, it would be nice not to see the Republicans roll over and play dead. They might not be playing for too much longer.

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