BWAHAHAHA: Cruz Rallies Supporters in Upstate NY. Most Can’t Vote

ELDER PATRIOT - The optics of Ted Cruz’s appearance in Upstate NY this morning was a darn sight better than the one yesterday when only two-dozen supporters showed up at Sabrosura a Chinese-Dominican restaurant in the Bronx.

Cruz smartly shifted his campaign upstate where he was given a warm reception from an auditorium filled with high school students.   Unfortunately for the Texas senator, most of them aren’t eligible to vote. 

There were an estimated 1300 supporters on hand at the Mekeel Christian Academy to hear Cruz give his standard campaign speech that includes lies about his voting record and lies about Donald Trump’s policy positions, many that he has since appropriated as his own after he first allowed Trump to absorb all the heat for them. 

He also campaigned against President Obama who isn’t running in this election.  This was red meat for the young minds of mush in the audience and provided Cruz with the applause lines necessary to supply video for the news stories that are certain to claim Cruz is finding the Upstate Region more welcoming than he found the unwashed masses in NYC.

Cruz’s first 24 hours campaigning in New York have been a disaster.  If he can’t pick up his game he’s going to get slaughtered in the delegate race here.