Ted Cruz Is Stumping For Paul Ryan

April 3, 2016 0

ELDER PATRIOT - Over the past couple of months as the Republican field of candidates winnowed itself Ted Cruz began calling for those still in the race to drop out as their mathematical chances to

Investigative Report Quotes Expert Election Hacker

April 1, 2016 0

ELDER PATRIOT - For eight years expert political hacker and election “rigger” Adres Sepulveda was a paid political operative who conducted cyber warfare for his clients throughout Latin America. Sepulveda did everything in his power

Ted Cruz’s Mommy Moment

March 30, 2016 0

ELDER PATRIOT  - Yesterday, as questions about Ted Cruz’s infidelity continued to plague him, a Daily News reporter gave him a chance to put the allegations to rest once and for all when he asked

Soviet Style Politburo Instituted In U.S.

March 29, 2016 0

ELDER PATRIOT - “It could never happen here” was the way those who kept freedom alive by fighting two world wars comforted themselves following each successful progressive legislative and judicial attack on the Constitution.  These

Ted Cruz Is A Sniveling Ratf*cker

March 28, 2016 0

ELDER PATRIOT - Ted Cruz has spent his entire campaign hiding behind the operatives who do his dirty work.  From “voter report cards” to robo calls lying about Ben Carson.  He always disavows any knowledge

Is Megyn Kelly More Than Just Eye Candy???

March 26, 2016 0

ELDER PATRIOT - Recent actions by Fox News’ Megyn Kelly raise questions as to whether she wants to define herself as a serious journalist or to simply be eye candy with an agenda. Her feud

Ted Cruz Has Become An Establishment Stooge

March 25, 2016 0

ELDER PATRIOT - In his avarice to gain the presidency Ted Cruz has chosen to ignore the adage, “if you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.”  Mr. Cruz’s acceptance of the establishment’s

Greed – The Driving Force Behind College Students

March 25, 2016 0

ELDER PATRIOT - Polling shows that college-aged students overwhelmingly support Bernie Sanders.  An Iowa poll taken at the time of their caucuses reveals their almost unanimous support of the avowed socialist with 84% preferring Mr.

Video Proof That College Should Be Free

March 24, 2016 0

ELDER PATRIOT - Parents of students attending Texas Tech will be questioning where their money is going after they view this short video. It seems the only thing these students have learned for dropping anywhere

Ted Cruz: The Elite’s Chosen Loser

March 24, 2016 0

ELDER PATRIOT - Ted Cruz welcomed the endorsement from Jeb Bush earlier this week with these words, “It’s interesting the last ten days we’ve been endorsed by Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Mike Lee and Mark

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