YOU DID IT!! Clinton Foundation Is Closing Its Doors For Good!

KIRSTERS BAISH| This has been a tremendous year for the Conservative Party. After enduring eight years of the worst possible president of the United States of America’s history we were given a second chance. With President Donald Trump in office America has reason to believe again. Trump’s ascent to the presidency has started a domino effect of positive changes in our country. Today, we bring you great news! The Clinton Foundation is closing its doors for good!

With years of stealing taxpayers’ money, taking money from charity, and nasty sex scandals under their belts the Clinton family is finally being defeated. The Clinton Global Initiative shut down their main office in New York City on Tax Day back in April. The official reason provided for the shutdown was said to be “discontinuation of the Clinton Global Initiative”. The Department of Labor demanded that the 22 remaining employees be laid off on April 15th.  This would be the catalyst to the demise of the Clinton Foundation once and for all.

Here is a video from around the time that it all started to fall apart for the Clintons, when a Whistleblower reported charity fraud committed by the Clinton Foundation.  You can watch the video below:

Thank God that this family-run mafia is being laid to rest. Here’s to hoping that the sick and twisted family doesn’t pay their way out of this one… after all, that’s your money they would be spending.