ROMNEY WORDSWORTH - If you were like most civic minded Americans who tuned into the Vice-Presidential Debate on Tuesday night, you switched off your TV before the debate was over in disgust.  While Mike Pence presented the epitome of cool calm, poise, integrity, and quiet reason, Tim Kaine presented as someone who was off his meds.

Kaine’s behavior was nothing short of being a rude jerk.  In his boorishness, he interrupted Mike Pence an astounding 72 times during the 90 minute debate.  That’s an interruption average of once every 1.2 minutes.  While Mike Pence made you feel like he was someone who would be fun to go to a ball game and have a beer with, Tim Kaine reminded you of THAT GUY on Facebook who you end up having to unfriend, because he won’t stop sending you spam.  Presentation and demeanor matter.  It’s called acting “Presidential”.  While Mike Pence gave a text book performance in acting Presidential, Tim Kaine gave a performance worthy of a dog that has slipped its leash and won’t stop barking.  Except in Kaine’s case, instead of barking he kept saying “What about the tax returns?”

If this debate was to audition a VP candidate’s suitability to step in as Commander in Chief, Kaine failed miserably.  Could you imagine sending Tim Kaine to negotiate a treaty with the Chinese?  His rudeness alone would spark a Trade War.

But it may have been a strategic forfeit on the part of the DemocRats.  These aren’t stupid people, and I think Kaine knew exactly what he was doing.  The DemocRats for a long time now have feared an honest competition in the Free Marketplace of Ideas.  Think about how the Left now operates as standard procedure:  Shout down the opposition.  When you control the venue, as with our universities, suppress dissenting viewpoints.  Set violent mobs after Trump Supporters and beat them up.  Allow no debate at all.  When all else fails, goad your black constituency into rioting.

Thus, the DemocRats also arrange to have an ideological ally moderating these debates, to make sure the Republican is shut down when he starts scoring points.  Tuesday’s moderator, a nobody out of the teleprompter reader’s pool who was in way over her head, did just that, when she said anything at all besides very obviously READING the questions on the paper under her nose.

It’s been said that it’s not what a politician says that is memorable, it’s how they made you feel when they spoke.  By that measure, Tim Kaine made us feel like punching him in the mouth and watching him pick his teeth up off the floor.  Not to mention wiping that weird smirk off his face, a cross between Jack Nicholson’s Joker and the Clown in the Steven King novel “It”.  The broad consensus is that Mike Pence won the debate.

It is a reprehensible collection of tactics that do a great disservice to the Republic.  The American voters deserve better.  We should be hearing a full and detailed explanation from both parties why America is now drifting towards war with Russia, for instance.

Follow the money, and follow the oil. George Soros engineered a coup in the Ukraine, and tried to give Ukraine’s oil reserves to Joe Biden’s son, Beau, who wound up dead in response. You don’t just pillage a Russian ally and expect no response from the Russians. A major revenue stream for Russia is selling oil to Europe. Obama/Clinton are trying to screw with Russia’s oil business in two ways: 1) They organized a boycott of Russian oil among NATO members, which is hurting Europe more than Russia. 2) Obama/Clinton are doing the bidding of the Saudis, who want to run a pipeline to Europe to undercut Russian oil sales.  But such a pipeline would have to be run through Syria.   The Saudis need to conquer Syria to do it because Assad, the leader of Syria and a Russian ally, refused to allow the pipeline.  The Saudis helped to create ISIS as a  proxy army to take over Syria. The Saudis own Clinton and Obama/Clinton have dutifully tried to make Syria a pariah. Obama/Clinton are arming and funding ISIS with the Saudis to topple Syria. That was what Benghazi was really about:  Illegal transfers of arms to ISIS, and eliminating another one of the Saudi’s competitors selling oil to Europe, namely Libya.  The reckless Obama/Clinton/Saudi Axis is risking WWIII over screwing with Russia’s oil business.

What does America have to gain for this risk of nuclear war?  Not a damn thing.  Will it create jobs for America’s 95 million unemployed?  Not a chance.  But the Clintons have taken hundreds of millions of dollars from the Saudis, and they now do what is best for Saudi Arabia, not the United States.

But you’ll never hear that question asked by those DemocRat toady moderators in these so-called debates.