ROMNEY WORDSWORTH - To the extent that the health of every person on the planet is up to God (extenuating circumstances like agreeing to testify against the Clintons <cough…Web Hubbell…cough> notwithstanding) then it appears that God has decided to act to end Hillary Clinton’s ability to lie, by taking away her ability to speak without suffering a debilitating coughing fit.  Sure, she might just be the victim of an unfortunate coincidence, but I don’t believe in coincidences.  The exquisite timing instead suggests to me a Divine Intervention by Providence, which has looked after the Republic ever since George Washington emerged unscathed from several battles during the Revolutionary War with his clothes covered in inexplicable bullet holes.  That part is miraculous but true.  Look it up if you don’t believe me.

Of course, when God casts HIS vote, he doesn’t pull a lever or press a button, he punches your ticket, so to speak.  It is looking more and more likely that Hillary, even if she should steal the election, will not live long enough to take up residence again in the White House.  For Conservatives who are nauseated at the mere thought of a President Hillary, the question then becomes:  Do we want the witch to die before or after the election?

If Hillary dies tomorrow or any other day before Election Day, the DemocRat Party can hold an emergency meeting of its delegates to vote for a new nominee.  Just think, the Party Oligarchs could steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders a second time in the same election cycle!  Who would the Party Super Delegates pick?  It would be an interesting spectacle to watch, but the probable top contenders would be Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Tim Kaine.  Bernie Sanders would have a problem, given that he has already left the DemocRat Party (again) and announced he was resuming his status as the resident Socialist of the Senate.  Having left the party, he would no longer be eligible to be the party’s nominee. 

Oh, but what am I thinking?!?  Rules are for Little People and the Chumps Who Pay Taxes!  If the ‘Rats wanted him, it would be Rules, Shmules. 

If Hillary won the election but dies between Election Day and the Electoral College vote, Federal law says the Electors of the Electoral College are free to vote for whoever they like. States could have differing rules about who they are to vote for, however.  In other words, “Would you like some guacamole with your lunch, President Jeb!?”

If Hillary dies any time after the Electoral College vote, then the ordinary lines of succession for Federal Office would prevail.  In other words, “What color drapes would you like in the Oval Office, President Kaine?”

I think the best outcome for Conservatives, Patriots, and other Right Thinking Americans is for Hillary to stay alive but continue into an accelerated physical collapse so that a Trump Presidency is guaranteed.  Almost any other person the DemocRats could name to replace Hillary would have a higher likeability factor, and the last thing America needs is four more long years of Marxist economic and foreign policy, running the country into the ground.