Election Theft Alert: Polling Suspended in Twelve States

ELDER PATRIOT - When looking ahead in an attempt to predict the results of future primaries and the outcome of the GOP nominating process that will result, the one thing that becomes instantly obvious is the lack of polling in many of the states yet to vote.


Considering that polling in many of the states that now have no recent polls had polling conducted in them as early as February of 2015 that seems strange.  Any statistician can tell you the older the data the less reliable it is.  Why would anyone spend money on irrelevant polling a year or more from an event?  And, why wouldn’t anyone who spent money a full year in advance not find it of importance to conduct more relevant polling as we get closer to the elections?


With only sixteen states left to vote in the GOP nominating process you’d think that the pollsters would be falling all over themselves in an attempt to determine the nominee but that isn’t the case.  Polls have been conducted in only four states through the first three and a third months of 2016.  You have to look back to November of last year to find polls from an additional two states.


In all six of the aforementioned states Donald Trump has sizable to commanding leads ranging as high a 39 points over Ted Cruz.  Why doesn’t anyone want to know about the key swing states of Indiana and Nebraska that may be Cruz’s last chance to derail Trump from wining a first ballot nomination?


The only logical conclusion is that the groundwork is being laid for election fraud.  Without any publicly released polling to encumber them, party apparatchiks will be free to tell us any results that meet their fancy.  Sure it’s a little more involved than just handing over the delegates to Cruz like they did in Colorado but the politburo in these states have only themselves to blame for not having the foresight to suspend the voting altogether.