ROMNEY WORDSWORTH - The town of Nottinghamshire in the United Kingdom has officially recognized misogyny as a “hate crime”.  The official explanation for this being done is to “make the country a safer place for women”.  No word yet on whether the authorities care about equality enough to also make misandry a hate crime as well, or whether there is any interest in making the country a safer place for men.  I won’t be holding my breath.

The statutory language detailing the elements of the crime of misogyny are both broad and extremely vague.  Obviously it was written by feminist social justice warriors cribbing a university student handbook:

The crime of misogyny is defined as “any incidents against women that are motivated by an attitude of a man towards a woman, and includes behaviour targeted towards a woman by men simply because they are a woman.”

Oh!  You mean like a man holding a door open for a woman?  THAT kind of behavior?  Well, looks like the women of Nottinghamshire can look forward to paying for their own meals and drinks a lot more often when they are out on dates.  If dating is still allowed at all.

Official examples of proscribed behavior under the ordinance include:

Unwanted or uninvited sexual advances

Uh, the first advance is always, by definition, unwanted or uninvited.  The social import of this law is to require women, and ONLY women, to initiate the courtship process.  Well, it certainly puts all the control, and the burden, on women.  Let’s see how the gals deal with rejection.  I bet they don’t handle it as graciously as men are expected to.

Physical or verbal assault

Assault by traditional definition was physical and only physical.  Bringing words into the mix puts us on a dangerous Orwellian path.  We know how the feminists think.  This isn’t just merely contemplating death threats.  This will eventually encompass things like saying “hello”.  It will be disproportionately enforced against the ugly.  This might as well just criminalize ugly, short, fat, old, bald, or otherwise unattractive men.  You guys will basically not be allowed to open your mouth when a woman is around.  Feminists on college campii already list “staring” as an offense, and even merely rolling one’s eyes at a comment by a woman.  Better keep your eyes to the ground too.

So, men will need to be silent and keep their eyes averted to stay out of trouble.  Is this starting to remind you of anything?  Isn’t this the expected behavior code that was enforced on black slaves in the ante-bellum South?

Unwanted or uninvited physical or verbal contact or engagement

Ah Ha!  So saying “hello” is a criminal offense!  And you thought I was engaging in hyperbole.  I have a big problem with the word “unwanted”.  Are men presumed to have psionic powers?  Do I have to put The Amazing Kreskin on permanent retainer?  Isn’t this inherently unfair to men, who are known to be less adept at reading body language than women?  Does this mean that a male owner of a newsstand cannot call out on the street:  “Get your paper here”?  What about leafleting for a political campaign?  Sadly, there are no exceptions carved out.

Use of mobile phones to send unwanted or uninvited messages

Fine!  Don’t complain, gals, when you aren’t invited to the power lunch or the golf outing at the office. 

Take photographs without consent

So now men, and only men, have the same legal burden as a professional movie maker if a woman happens to photobomb their pictures.

As I have said before, and I’ll say it again, these measures are created by Cultural Marxists to create a wedge between the sexes.  The Marxist game plan is to separate society into many warring factions, and they will do it based on sex as well as race and religion, and ideology.  Marxists also hate the nuclear family, and the Globalists want to reduce the population of humanity on the planet.  Creating fear and distrust between men and women will accomplish both of these goals.

Finally, Leftists always accuse their political opponents of what they themselves are doing, or aspire to do.  Isn’t it interesting that those who claim oppression because of their sex want to use the political power they wield to impose an even worse, and more overt, form of oppression on men?