ROMNEY WORDSWORTH - The final vote tallies are in and Donald J. Trump has won the popular vote, garnering 62,972,226 votes to Clinton’s 62,277,750.  See, #PopularVote and #Election2016.  If you discount the numbers of the Dead, and Illegal Non-Citizens that voted for Clinton, Trump probably won the popular vote by a few million.  It is time for all the liberal loonies that are out rioting in several cities to pocket their paychecks from George Soros and go home.  You Lost.  The only thing you are doing now is showing that you are far more into “hate” than “love”, and Trump has nothing to do with you.

Overnight Saturday Michigan was officially called for Donald Trump.  This puts the final Electoral College tally at 306 for Trump, and 232 for Clinton.  Despite the fact that the Palace Guard Dinosaur Media refused to report it on Election Night, Trump won Michigan, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, while Clinton has apparently eked out a narrow win in New Hampshire by a handful of votes.  Source:  Gateway Pundit.

IN OTHER NEWS…on Friday the New York Times, the leader of the Anti-Trump Newspaper Cabal, printed an apology to all its subscribers (which isn’t that big of a number anymore, by the way) for its “failed and biased reporting”.  The New York Post commented on the apology thusly:  “The Gray Lady feels the agony of political defeat – in her reputation and in her wallet.”  New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. admitted his paper failed to “appreciate Donald Trump’s appeal.”  The Sulzberger family used to own the New York Times, but Sulzberger Junior has run the paper so deep into the bogs of Leftwing politics that the New York Times is financially bankrupt.  It no longer makes money and is only kept afloat by the money of a Mexican billionaire who enjoys using it to constantly bash the United States.  That’s all that the New York Times is today.  An Anti-American, foreign controlled megaphone.

A true apology would be followed by actions and deeds.  But I do not expect any change in editorial policy at the New York Times, precisely because of who pays its bills nowadays.  That makes the New York Times “apology” just empty words.  The truth is that the people who write the New York Times are incredibly myopic and provincial.  Their world and their entire reality extends only rarely beyond the confines of Manhattan Island, and then only to rarified and exclusive enclaves of Leftism, such as Martha’s Vineyard, Harvard Yard, and the Washington Beltway.  New York Times reporters know as little about Middle America as they would know about Outer Mongolia, and they would treat both assignments the same:  A trip to a foreign land, filled with a cultural landscape they know nothing about, and have little interest in.

I refer to the New York Times as a member of the Dinosaur Media for a very good reason.  Its days are numbered, and it soon will be extinct.