Fiorina and Cruz – Perfect Together

ELDER PATRIOT - Ted Cruz is desperately trying to salvage his failed bid for the Republican nomination.  So, yesterday he announced Carly Fiorina as his running mate in what can only be described as a puzzling move and a puzzling choice.

The presumptuousness of such an announcement after you’ve been mathematically eliminated from winning borders on delusional behavior.  It’s being rumored that he has contacted the White House to ask about a photo op of himself measuring the drapes.

More importantly is how strongly Fiorina burnishes Cruz’s credentials as an internationalist.

Cruz has already suffered at the hands of Republican primary voters for casting the deciding vote in the Senate to fast track the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement that is another one-way trade agreement similar to NAFTA on steroid and with the added whammy of putting control of our affairs in the hands of foreign tribunals.

Then there was the amendment he offered to increase H-1B visas by 500 percent so that companies like Disney could replace highly skilled American workers with imported college-educated immigrant workers in order to save money.  This at a time when 50% of America’s college graduates cannot find work that corresponds with their degree.

The Texas senator would also like us to forget his vote in favor of allowing the Chinese to continue manipulating their currency that has afforded them the ability to drain our economy of well over half-trillion dollars annually.

Rather than balance Cruz’s globalist credentials Fiorina affirms them.  While at Hewlett Packard Fiorina was quoted saying, “There is no job that is America’s God-given right anymore.”

Fiorina’s tenure at Hewlett Packard was cited by Forbes magazine thusly, “with the blessing of Chief Executive Carly Fiorina”, HP sought to “move everything” it could offshore.”  She became widely recognized as the “mother of offshoring” a model now embraced by international corporations as a way of saving money at the cost of American jobs.

Fiorina will also have to answer for her performance at Lucent Technologies that was once an elite tech company until she finished with them.  The results of Fiorina management weren’t completely evident until after she left Lucent.  Ultimately they shed over 70,000 American jobs and were saved from bankruptcy by the French company, Alcatel.   Bye, bye American pie.

Fiorina had irresponsibility pumped sales at Lucent by lending purchasers the money to buy their products, often at four times the debt-to-equity ratio that banks consider responsible.  More egregious than even that was lending companies more than their actual purchases.  By the time the bubble burst at Lucent Fiorina had moved on to Hewlett Packard.

When Hewlett Packard finally dumped Fiorina they had 30,000 fewer U.S. employees and she walked away with a golden parachute worth $40 million.

Fiorina is the face of internationalism and corporate greed, the issues that have awakened American voters during this election cycle.

Cruz likes his women to be proponents of the global economy.  His wife Heidi is a V.P. at Goldman Sachs where she has been one of the chief architects of the North American Union.

So Cruz, ever the brilliant tactician (just ask him) chose Fiorina to stand by his side on the same day that Donald Trump was giving a policy speech reaffirming his commitment to American workers and the American nation state as the foundational bedrock of our society.

Cruz has begun referring to the coming Indiana primary as his Alamo.  How apropos that the good people of Indiana get to end his campaign after all of the damage he’s inflicted on their state.