Forecast: Trump has Clear Sailing to the Nomination

ELDER PATRIOT - The #NeverTrump crowd never rests.  They have placed their support behind Ted Cruz in a desperate attempt to derail Donald Trump.  Trying to bring down the growingly popular Trump with the unlikeable Cruz is fool’s play.

The reason they fight on is because of the party’s requirement of a nominee arriving at their convention with a majority of the delegates.  When unpledged delegates are added to the total delegate count 1237 becomes the majority.  Unpledged delegates are, in their most simple terms, the means for the party to disenfranchise their rank and file and install their own nominee.

Twenty-eight states have help primaries to date.  You remember those old fashioned democratic exercises in letting the people vote in order to determine their future leader.  Trump has won twenty-four of those states where voters are allowed to be heard.  Cruz has won just three.

Now the #NeverTrump GOP elites want us to believe Trump still faces significant roadblocks before he can get to the 1237 delegates necessary to avoid the procedural chicanery that they have planned for Cleveland.

Trump needs 56% of the remaining delegates to avoid having to deal with the hundreds of unpledged delegates that the elites hope they can count on to block his nomination.  Their hopes are baseless.  Here’s why.

All of the remaining states will be holding primaries. This gives Trump a significant advantage as across the country Trump has won delegates at a 60% rate in primaries.  Cruz has only won 24% of the delegates when awarded by primary voters.  In fact, if home field advantages are eliminated from the calculations – remove the results of Texas, NY and Ohio – Trump’s delegate win rate rises to 64%.

Then there’s the fact that once Marco Rubio dropped out, Trump’s delegate win rate rose to 79% while Cruz dipped to a paltry 12%.

The truth is that Ted Cruz has to significantly better his performance over the final ten states to deny Trump the nomination.  And, he still won’t win.  If he’s successful, all that he’ll be able to do is turn the process over to the establishment elites allowing them to tell their rank and file voters to screw off.

Trump doesn’t even have to maintain the pace he’s won delegates at over the first 28 contests to secure the nomination.

Even if he somehow shows up in Cleveland slightly short of the 1237 he’ll still have won more states and more delegates than every other candidate combined.  What part of “majority” do the elites think you don’t understand?