ROMNEY WORDSWORTH - Over Labor Day Weekend, Hillary Clinton got a new campaign plane, and the questions about her health got a new lease on life, as the DemocRat Nominee suffered two high profile, public coughing fits in one day.  The first coughing fit struck when Hillary Clinton tried to go talk with the Press Corp that tags along with her everywhere she goes, even flying with her on her own campaign plane.  This is a normal, everyday occurrence with normal candidates, but Hillary is not normal, nor a normal candidate.  Hillary actually deigning to give a few minutes of her presence to her adoring, sycophantic fans (that would be the DemocRats who pretend to be journalists in the Lame Stream Press) is an extremely RARE event, right up there with sighting Haley’s Comet or Cyndi Lauper having a good hair day.  Hillary chatting with the reporters covering her hasn’t happened ALL YEAR.

Now we know why.  Hillary can’t count on even a few minutes respite without one of her coughing fits breaking out.  She is a very unwell, sick woman.  The public persona is a carefully crafted and maintained fraud.  The truth is that Hillary has to be heavily medicated just to be lucid, can only walk upright unassisted for very short distances, and she cannot stand on her own two feet for longer than about 30 minutes before being so fatigued she has to sit down or be propped up by pillows.

A still photo makes everything seem normal, but this is just the calm before the storm of coughing starts.  Watch:

Two things that you may not have noticed:  First, why is Hillary handed a glass of “water” when she is already holding a bottle of water?  Why not just drink the water she is already holding?  No, instead Hillary turns her back to the camera and holds out her hand, clearly expecting her staff to rush to hand her “something”.  She clearly stands there waiting for her “special glass of something”.  What is actually in the glass?  Vodka?  Water laced with a muscle relaxant?

The second thing to notice is that the news network, FOX News, cuts away from the episode.  So does CNN and MSNBC and every other network when these frequent coughing fits strike.  The corporate media doesn’t want you to see her incapacitated for long minutes unable to speak a single word.  They don’t want you to know how long these episodes actually last.  They don’t want you to connect what you are seeing with what that means for a Commander in Chief:  A person unable to issue orders for an extended period of time, happening without warning on a regular recurring basis.

Do you think such a person is qualified to be Commander in Chief?  Do you think questions of her health are legitimate for voters to ask?  Do you think the Press would turn the cameras away like this if it were Donald Trump suffering continuous coughing fits?

The second episode struck while addressing a small crowd in Cleveland.  Hillary tried to blame her coughing on allergies, claiming that the pollen count was high that day.  Was the pollen count also high on your climate controlled aircraft cabin, Hillary?  In fact, there was no high pollen count in Iowa that day.  Just another lie from Hillary.

This coughing fit went on for 5-7 minutes.  Another weird point:  What was her wingman, her running mate Tim Kaine doing the whole time she sputtered and gasped for air while looking and sounding like she was coughing up a lung?  He’s just sitting behind the podium having a good laugh.  One might almost think he is laughing like a guy who knows that each cough brings him closer to being President.  He’s obviously too busy being entertained by something to do the normal, you know, HUMAN thing to do, like go take the microphone and cover for Hillary while she recovers from her coughing spasm.  No, Tim Kaine is comfortable to literally let Hillary swing in the wind.  Those ‘Rats are a cold, heartless bunch.

And they want to run your healthcare.  Would you trust your healthcare to a woman who looks like this when she accepts her party’s nomination?

What is wrong with her?  What is her campaign hiding?  Is the rest of the DemocRat Establishment as giddy at the thought of her demise as Tim Kaine is?  Or are we merely watching all of Hillary’s sins catch up with her?  How long will the public accept her denials that nothing is wrong with her health in the face of the evidence before their eyes?

It is only 63 days to Election Day.  Hillary has no choice other than to brazenly try to run out the clock.  But I think God has other plans for her.