ROMNEY WORDSWORTH - The Sexual Marketplace Value for both men and women is a calculation of several factors.  While age is a significant factor, as indicated by the chart above, it is not the only one.  The other important thing to remember is that sexual value, as with every other commodity, is determined by the Consumer, not the Seller.  So, it is women who determine the Sexual Value of men, and men who determine the Sexual Value of women.  With that said, let’s jump right in.  Ladies First:

Women’s sexual value is scored on the following Four Factor, 15 point system:

1.  Beauty ——  8 points

2.  Age  ———  4 points

3.  Mileage —-  2 points

4.  Personality -  1 point

The factors are determined by what MEN WANT.  Remember that it is the Consumer that determines marketplace value.  The most important factor for men is Beauty, a.k.a. “looks”, a.k.a. “hotness”.  Beauty also encompasses racial and ethnic qualities, as these are also subjective values in the eyes of the beholder.  Beauty also includes weight.  Women lose 7% of their SMV for every pound over their ideal weight that they gain.  After that comes Age, which is a contributing factor to looks and also a factor in fertility.  Next comes what I refer to as Mileage, and it encompasses a number of things:  Number of past sex partners, number of children from past relationships, drug use, debt, injuries, surgeries, and any other lifestyle choice that has a deleterious effect on the paramount factor of Beauty.  Last comes Personality.  How much fun is the woman to be around?  Does she share the same interests as the man looking at her as a prospective partner?  Does she share the same political views, or the same religious views?

Application:  Let’s compare two hypothetical women.  The first woman is a middle-aged single woman who is a successful business executive with a six figure salary, with mediocre looks that are in yearly decline.  The second woman is a millennial aged woman who is living with her parents, has a young child from a prior relationship, is unemployed, and who has $200,000 in student loan debt.  She is stunningly attractive and still has another decade before her looks will start to fade, and her window of fertility comes to an end.

The first woman only scores 4 points for Beauty, 2 points for Age, 1 point for mileage and 1 point for personality, being smart and bright.  Her Sexual Market Value is an 8 out of 15, which isn’t bad for a middle-aged woman. 

The second woman scores 8 for Beauty, 3 points for Age (still being in her early 20’s), but scores 0 points on Mileage for having a child and a large debt load.  She also scores 0 points for personality, because she was dumb enough to pursue a worthless college degree, and has personality flaws that drove away the father of her first child.  Despite these shortcomings, her Sexual Market Value is an 11 out of 15.

At this snapshot in time, the younger woman scores higher, but her negatives will cause her SMV to plummet faster once she hits her mid thirties.  Here’s the catch, and the cause of much angst, bitterness, and confusion:  The older woman thinks she is a great catch, because she judges her own SMV according to what SHE would look for in a mate, i.e. she has wealth and resources (see below).  She will mistakenly hold out for a man who is capable of attracting a much younger woman with a higher SMV.  If the older woman does not lower her standards, she will find herself living alone for the rest of her life, not including the cats that she is likely to collect for comfort.

NOTE:  Third Wave Feminism is selling women on a life style choice that will directly lead to unhappiness.  By telling women to focus on careers and to put off marriage and starting a family, the feminists are causing women to lose their years of their highest Sexual Market Value, which they should be using to capture and marry a man (i.e. in their 20’s).  Indeed, women themselves today report record levels of unhappiness.

Okay, now for the guys.  Men’s Sexual Market Value is also scored on a Four Factor, 15 point system:

1.  Resources —- 8 points

2.  Looks ———- 4 points

3.  Alpha Traits — 2 points

4.  Personality — 1 point

The factors are determined by what WOMEN WANT.  Remember that it is the Consumer that determines marketplace value.  The most important factor for women is WEALTH.  On a scale of 1 to 10, a man making $50,000 a year is a 5, going up or down the scale by 1 for every $10,000 a year difference in income from the median wage of $50,000.  Note that in the Obama Gig Economy, most men have had their SMV reduced by a great deal, and many Millennial men can’t even past the lowest rungs of the ladder.  That portends a huge demographic “baby bust” for the future.

Wealth as the number one factor that women want probably doesn’t come as news to anyone, but in the Age of Obama and Economic Decline (but I repeat myself) this has become more pronounced and has led to the phenomena of “Sugaring”.  Sugaring is the modern, socially accepted practice, enabled by social media, of young women opening advertising themselves as sexual toys for wealthy men in return for financial support.  It is a perfect blend of prostitution and hypergamy.

The far distant second place factor for women is Looks.  This encompasses physical genetic traits like height and good hair, and other factors determined by ethnicity and race.  Women look at physical traits not only for their own pleasure, but with an eye towards what good traits can be found to pass on to their children. 

Alpha traits are those traits associated with masculinity and manliness.  Leadership, How-To-Knowledge, Social Standing, and Confidence are all key factors that separate an Alpha Male from a Beta Male.  Donald J. Trump is an example of an Alpha Male, but so are fictional characters like James Bond and even Crocodile Dundee.  Alpha Traits are those traits in men that, at a very instinctive and primitive level, indicate survival skills in a State of Nature.  Women are hard wired from pre-historic times to be attracted to these traits, whether they are in the form of the “high school jock” or the “menacing bad boy” who has the reputation of a fearsome street fighter.

Last for both sexes is Personality.  Don’t believe it when women say they just want a man who can make them laugh, or is thoughtful enough to cook and clean dishes.  Women have plenty of Beta men in the Friend Zone that can provide them these things.  It is the Black Belt Martial Artist that can beat down other men and break their bones that really gets women wet.

Application.  Let’s compare two hypothetical men.  The first man is a middle-aged single man who is a successful business executive with a six figure salary, with mediocre looks that are in yearly decline.  The second man is a millennial aged man who is living with his parents, is unemployed, and who has a child support obligation.  He is stunningly attractive, plays guitar in a garage band, and has great hair.

The first man scores 8 points for Resources, 2 points for Looks, 2 point for Alpha Traits and 1 point for Personality, being smart and bright.  His Sexual Market Value is a 13 out of 15, which isn’t bad for a middle-aged man. 

The second man scores 0 for Resources, 4 points for Looks (still being in his early 20’s), but scores 1 point for Alpha Traits and a 0 for Personality, because he is a liberal twat who goes to #BlackLivesMatter protests out of white guilt.  Good hair and youth aside, the second man only scores 5 points out of 15.

As the old saying goes, boys chase girls, but women chase men.  No woman is going to want to hitch her wagon to an unemployed man who is still living with his parents.

The irony here is that the smartest strategy for men these days, due to horrendous divorce laws, is to avoid marriage.  Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?  By concentrating on building your wealth, which you can do easier without having to support a family, a man can age like wine on the Sexual Market Value scale while women age like milk.  A man who keeps his Resources score high can look forward to enjoying a succession of cows, each of whom will be healthier, younger, and will serve up more delicious milk than the last cow.

This is why marriage and birth rates are plummeting in the West, and the root cause is Cultural Marxism and Feminism that have created legal and social attacks on the family and marriage, souring men on these institutions.