ROMNEY WORDSWORTH - A pale, tired and listless Hillary Clinton showed up in New York City on Sunday to attend the 9/11 Memorial Event, which includes a reading of the names of all the victims who died from that terror attack on the Twin Towers.  But after only 90 minutes, Hillary left the event, being half carried by her ever present entourage of handlers.  She was videotaped collapsing at a curb while waiting for a van to take her away.  Thus, Hillary’s final campaign ends not with a bang, but an unsteady stagger off of the world stage.  This event is the final nail in the coffin, so to speak.  This is the moment that questions about her health are going to snowball exponentially and become the only issue that anyone talks about her candidacy.

Donald J. Trump, by the way, also attended the same event.  He had no health problems.  Something to consider when deciding on a Commander in Chief.

It will be interesting to see if the DNC pulls the life support plug on her candidacy, or whether the DemocRats will continue this Weekend at Bernie’s charade, literally propping up a dying woman in an effort to retain their political power.  It is an obscene obsession akin to Golem’s desire for the Ring of Sauron.

All of the platitudes of being the champions of the poor and downtrodden aside, you don’t help the country, DemocRats, by putting a physically and mentally ill woman into the Oval Office.  You don’t help the country by getting elected a Commander in Chief who is not sound in body and mind.  You only help yourselves.  As the cover up is further exposed, the reprehensible selfishness of the DemocRats and the Clintons is going to seep down far enough to even reach the small minds of the Low Information Voters.

In the video, Hillary is clearly shown to be unable to stand on her own, and is being physically held erect by the handlers surrounding her.  When she steps off the curb, her knees fold up under her and she collapses.  The handlers shove her into the van head first like a sack of potatoes.  Hillary loses a shoe in the process that was then retrieved by a member of the NYPD.

This final public collapse, ironically on the day of another more infamous collapse, 9/11, calls into question how many other people and institutions are going to go down with Hillary.  Was Hillary ever properly vetted by the DemocRat Party and the Media?  If the answer is no, then that is professional malpractice that puts the country at risk.  If the answer is yes, but her health issues were concealed, then that suggests the vetting was not rigorous enough.  If the answer is yes, and people in the DNC and Press knew about her health issues but participated in the cover up, then that knowledge will ruin their reputations utterly.

Specifically, if begs credulity that the press entourage following Hillary on her campaign plane have not witnessed similar “medical episodes”, and have decided to keep their mouths shut about it, putting their status as good DemocRats ahead of their journalistic obligations.  This becomes even more galling when you consider that it is these same faux journalists who have been leading the charge of crying “Conspiracy!” over any questions of Hillary’s health.

The Clinton Campaign has issued the usual blatant lies in an attempt to explain away Hillary’s chronic infirmities.  A few days ago it was a claim of allergies that caused one of her infamous coughing attacks, even though the official pollen count for Cleveland that day was low.  On Sunday, the Clinton campaign claimed that Hillary became “overheated”, even though it was about 78 degrees in New York Sunday Morning, with a cool breeze.  If Hillary doesn’t know how to dress for the weather, then that calls into question her judgment on a level that the average Second Grader can handle.  If her body temperature really did rise high enough to cause her to collapse on a normal day in September, then that is a sign of heart disease or some other malady.  It simply brings us back to questions about her health.  If a September day in New York is too warm for Mrs. Clinton, then perhaps she should be running for Prime Minister of Norway or Iceland?  What will she do about campaigning in hot and humid Florida, one of the most important swing states?  Will she start campaigning in a space suit?  While in a wheel chair?  Perhaps an air conditioned coffin that she can emerge from after sundown, like a vampire?

Hillary Clinton should do the right thing and withdraw from the race, but “doing the right thing” just isn’t who Hillary Clinton is.  She will never voluntarily release her death grip on the ring of power.  Instead we, the so-called “basket of deplorables” shall have ring side seats to watch her tragic end, trying to campaign for the Presidency while her mind and body continues to deteriorate until she becomes a complete invalid.