JUST IN: Turkey Pulls Out Of Paris Climate Deal, Cites Trump Stopping Obama’s Bribes As Reason Why

KIRSTERS BAISH| Turkey’s leader, President Recep Erdogan, recently came forward and said that the only reason that he agreed to the Paris Climate Treaty was so they would obtain more money from the United States and other wealthier nations. There’s no reason for him to expect any financial gain from the U.S. at this point since President Trump already pulled out of the deal. So, to all the liberals complaining about Trump abandoning the treaty, you should really be thanking him. All the treaty would have done is drain America of even more money that we don’t have. (You can thank Obama for the lack of funds on our end.)

President Erdogan coming forward with this statement just proved, yet again, that the whole reason for the Paris Climate Treaty had literally zero involvement with the fake news climate change. It was entirely unrelated. The whole reason for the treaty was to take funds from the United States and other wealthy nations and redistribute them to countries like Turkey. No thanks, I think I can speak for all sane Americans when I say we will pass on that one.

We should really be thanking President Trump for leaving the Paris climate agreement. This simply means that Turkey is not inclined to sanction the deal anymore, because the United States’ move to leave the deal ruins the compensation that was promised to developing countries, explained President Tayyip Erdogan.

As you know, many world leaders met this past week at the G-20 summit in Germany. Most major economies do not share the same beliefs as President Donald Trump when it comes to climate policy. It seemed as though Erdogan used this to his advantage while giving his speech at the summit.

Erdogan explained that when Turkey initially signed the treaty, France had promised that Turkey would be getting a serious payday. They also promised that the United States would be shelling out the cash. Uh, we have some serious issues with that ludicrous promise.

Erdogan stated in his speech, “so we said if this would happen, the agreement would pass through parliament. But otherwise, it won’t pass. Therefore, after this step taken by the United States, our position steers a course towards not passing this from the parliament.”

This guy is incorrigibly stupid if he seriously thinks that the United States was going to just hand over more money to countries that have virtually nothing to do with us. Since when is Turkey our responsibility? This type of crap might have happened under Obama, but President Trump has a good head on his shoulders, and he is determined to make sure that the United States stops wasting money on people other than American citizens. After all, it is the taxpayers’ money that has been thrown about like play money.

The whole spiel basically proves that Trump was right. Pulling out of the treaty seriously saved the United States from a huge mistake. We already know the mainstream media will do everything they possibly can to warp the story and make it seem like Trump is the bad guy, or ignore the entire thing all together and claim that Trump is conspiring with Turkey in an attempt to improve his image. We are thankful for President Trump’s decision making, and we hope that more and more Americans see the light and realize that Trump has all of our best interests at heart.