Lyin’ Ted Part 3

ELDER PATRIOT - Ted Cruz and his supporters are clinging to their hopes that he can win the nomination through a series of backroom deals that he has been conducting across the nation and then to culminate with the biggest backroom deal of all at the RNC Convention in Cleveland.


Cruz and his sycophants cite the rules that allow for such things as providing legitimacy to his claims.  In the process he is telling us that he firmly believes there is legitimacy in winning against the will of the people.


The truth that Lyin’ Ted and his toadies deny admitting even to themselves is that he is only able to make these backroom deals because he is now the only viable alternative remaining to the man the party’s elites fear will dismantle the D.C. honeypot and not because there exists a significant base of supporters who actually favor him.


Cruz’s support comes from two factions within the Republican Party.  His base support comes from the conservative wing of the party that has become a non-entity in national elections.  This was evidenced by Cruz’s dismal performance in the early contests where voters were allowed to participate.  He was unable to win any primary other than Texas and Oklahoma before the field had winnowed itself.  That was only one more than Marco Rubio who had the good sense to suspend his campaign after failing so badly with the voters.


The bulk of Cruz’s support comes from the party insiders who aren’t afraid of Donald Trump losing to Hillary, they’re afraid that he’ll beat her.  That’s because they have not been able to secure assurances from Trump that he’ll protect their interests over the interests of the people.


This has the establishment elites panicking because in the states where voters were allowed to participate Trump won ten of those first thirteen primaries.  His appeal among voters was far broader than Cruz’s as well, scoring victories from New Hampshire to South Carolina to Alabama to Massachusetts to Virginia.


Since then Cruz has managed to win only two more primaries of the nine so far contested.  It is a virtual certainty he will lose the next six primaries to be contested as polls show him running far behind Trump and even behind John Kasich in some of the states where voters are preparing to cast their ballots.


When the dust clears after the April 26th primaries Trump will have won 23 primaries to Cruz’s 4.


Lyin’ Ted can crow all he wants about his campaign being a grassroots campaign that’s on fire but any objective analysis of his performance to date would have to conclude that he’s been soundly rejected by the voters of his own party and that he’ll be even less successful in trying to win over voters from the Democratic Party,