Marcus Luttrell Delivers a SCORCHING Message to ‘Islamic Extremists’ That All Americans MUST HEAR

VIA| Marcus Luttrell’s loyalty and devotion to the United States is without question.

While many became familiar with Luttrell’s story in his book and its film “Lone Survivor,” the former Navy SEAL himself is starring in a new NRA commercial. And he’s got a strong message for those seeking to use violence against America.

The ad begins with some direct words from Luttrell:

“You hate my freedom, my religion and my country. You hate me for speaking my mind. You try to control me with violence and intimidation. You think you can muzzle me with fear?”

He continues:

“…I will call you out for who you are – an Islamic extremist who would kill me for my beliefs. You don’t intimidate me…

…and I will never, never surrender my rights to your terror. I will say what I think, worship according to my beliefs and raise my children how I see fit.

And I defend it all with the 2nd Amendment to the United States.”

Luttrell is no stranger to voicing his opinion, especially when it comes to his fellow servicemen and servicewomen.

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