#NeverTrump Movement Now Infects Fox Business Network

ELDER PATRIOT - “Rules are rules” so says Fox Business Network anchor Neil Cavuto, but only when they work against Donald Trump, apparently.

This morning Cavuto could barely conceal his satisfaction with the Colorado GOP for having dispensed with elections and who then proceeded to hand all thirty four of their states delegates to Ted Cruz. Cavuto’s reasoning? Those are Colorado’s rules.

On its own this would reveal a serious lack of critical thinking on the part of the FBN news chief and senior vice president. Cavuto is a smart man who knows that dismissing elections is a recipe for tyranny.

Cavuto exposed his hypocrisy with his very next guest when he trashed the Democrats for having superdelegates that allowed Hillary Clinton to walk away from the Wyoming Caucuses with an equal number of delegates even though the voters had backed Sanders overwhelmingly.

Cavuto made his decision to join the #NeverTrump movement last week at which time his irreverence for our Founding Principles were put aside.

As his show drone on Cavuto continued to ignore the disenfranchised voters of Colorado and kept welcoming guests who reiterated it was Trump’s fault for not participating in the “fixed” process.

Is there any reputable newscaster who is prepared to report the bigger story about the fact that voters no longer have a say in our electoral process?

These Elites should be reminded of the words of John Kennedy:

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” - John F. Kennedy

There’s a reason John Kennedy had the highest approval rating of any president ever while he was in office. He respected the people who he represented. There is a reason that the voters have come to detest those who now hold the power in both parties because they have made no pretext that they view the rest of us as pesky annoyances. The rank and file is seething. The party apparatchiks ignore us at their own risk.