Obama Administration Begins Exiling Democracy Advocates

ELDER PATRIOT - In a move that is expected from governments like China, North Korea and Russia, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has ordered Ramon Saul Sanchez to leave the country after having lived here for nearly a half century.  His offense was advocating for democracy in Cuba.  Sanchez is a Cuban exile.

President Obama has spent the past seven years proving that he was deeply influenced by his youthful relationship with communist Franklin Marshall Davis.  There are many who believe that Davis sired our president.  You can be the judge:

Regardless of who’s DNA our president has there is one thing that cannot be argued, he embraces and advances communism at every opportunity.

The exile of Sanchez from the United States is significant in context of the president’s overall directives that encourage and protect virtually unfettered legal and illegal immigration. 

The expulsion of a freedom fighter like Sanchez stands in stark contrast to the vast majority of the immigrants that the president forces upon us in direct contravention of the federal laws he’s sworn to uphold. 

It should be noted that the immigrants Obama welcomes are accepting of socialism and the tyranny that it invites which eventually leads to communism.  These people share the same greed they complain that Capitalists exhibit.  They embrace socialism because someone else is forced to pay for what they want. 

Don’t expect to see this story widely reported in the mainstream media.  It doesn’t fit their narrative that Obama is a nice guy who just wants to spread the wealth a little. 

Just ask Ramon Saul Sanchez.