Obama hypocrisy: President goes after American guns while being the largest arms dealer in the world

The eight years in the office of the Presidency for Barack Obama has been one of hypocrisy, lies, division, and a lack of transparency.  And for most of this time, the Commander-in-Chief has used nearly every single crisis as a springboard to attempt to restrict and limit gun ownership for the American people.

But the fact of the matter is, Barack Obama is not against guns or the selling of guns… only the ownership of guns by Americans.  And this is because a new report out shows that his administration has sold more weapons and weapon systems to foreign nations than any President since World War II.

Thus making Barack Obama the world’s largest arms dealer.
An Inconvenient Truth: How the Obama Administration Became Earth's Largest Arms Dealer [INFOGRAPHIC]
Via: Ammo.com

The Obama administration has approved more lethal weapon sales to more foreign countries than any U.S. administration since World War II. Many billions more than G.W. Bush’s administration, in fact. And some of these sales will likely result in unintended consequences i.e. “blowback” – especially as more than 60 percent of them have gone to the Middle East and Persian Gulf.

On May 23rd, President Obama announced at a press conference in Hanoi that the U.S. would be lifting its decades-long embargo on sales of lethal weapons to Vietnam. Such a reversal in U.S. foreign policy raises questions: How does the U.S. arms export market actually work? Which companies in the military-industrial complex profit from these sales? Who really ends up with U.S. weapons? And most importantly, how many of those weapons could eventually be used against us? -Ammo

Additionally, these arms sales do not include the weapons air dropped into Syria for the U.S. backed rebels that mysteriously made their way into the hands of ISIS.

The false arguments that gun control is needed to slow down or halt criminal activity has always been a smoke screen since the vast majority of crimes and assaults are done using some form of weapon other than a firearm.  No, the reasons that governments seek to remove guns from the hands of their people is because they fear a future retaliation by their populations for their actions done which are detrimental to those same people, and to the country’s that they lead.

Either way, the hypocrisy of Barack Obama to attempt to restrict gun ownership for the American people while proliferating weapons to other countries at the highest rate in the past 70 years shows that the debate has never been about guns themselves, but about who is allowed to have them.

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