ROMNEY WORDSWORTH- Two stories this week perfectly capture the insanity that our schools have descended into.  The first story comes out of Virginia where a Federal Court Judge has ordered a school district to allow a girl to use the boy’s bathroom.

In G.G. v. Gloucester Country School Board, the 2-1 court determined that the school board discriminated “on the basis of sex” in violation of Title IX.  Title IX, previously infamous for decimating boy’s athletic programs in the name of “equality”, is now being used by the LBGT perverts on the Left to sow gender confusion and make sure that little girls and boys can never enjoy the simple privacy in using a bathroom that older generations took for granted.  Title IX nominally bans discrimination based on sex, but the Department of Education told the school district last year that discrimination based on the new idea of “gender identity” is the same as discrimination based on biological sex.  This is another example of the Obama directed Federal Bureaucracy creating new laws outside of Congress, and beyond the accountability of the voters.

How many little boys and girls have to be sexually molested and/or raped, sacrifices on the Altar of Political Correctness?  Just imagine how the Syrian “Rapefugees” that Obama plans to start shipping into America will use this confusion to target girls for rape.  Don’t suppose that the American public will put up with any sort of lunacy.  At a certain point, large segments of the public will abandon the public schools.  Especially when the safety of their children is at stake.

The other story comes out of Elkhorn, Wisconsin.  A recent girl’s soccer game was suspended by the referees when the girls from the Elkhorn school started chanting:  “Donald Trump, Build That Wall”.  Other chants included “no comprende” and “Speak English”.  The visiting team was from Beloit Memorial High School, and apparently has a high percentage of Latina students who complained about the chants to the referees.

Apparently the poor, precious snowflakes of Hispanic origin were so traumatized by the slogan of the Republican Front Runner that they had to be held by their coaches for “a good 15 to 20 minutes”.  Sounds a bit inappropriate, in terms of contact between adults and students, to me.  But, hey, I guess if you say you’re from another culture, you can just get away with it.

This was entirely predictable and is a direct result of the Balkanization policies of the Left.  When our towns become this alienated from each other that they don’t even speak a common tongue anymore, well, this is how civilizations fall.

I doubt the girls were really that distraught, either.  Claiming victimhood is a well worn tactic that the Left is using to shut down debate and suppress Conservative viewpoints in this country.  A school district is an arm of the government, as such it is directly liable to observe the Bill of Rights, specifically the free speech of students, and especially the most protected form of speech, which is political speech.  Every time a school tells students to shut up just because they don’t like the political viewpoint, this is a direct violation of the First Amendment, and those schools are guilty of denying the Civil Rights of students who are muzzled in this fashion.