ROMNEY WORDSWORTH - It is the politicization of all our government institutions in full bloom.  Caution:  You are about to enter a School Indoctrination Zone.

You may have thought that Spanish classes were for teaching a foreign language.  In that, you’d only be partly correct.  Under the hegemony of the DemocRat Party and their propaganda blueprint, Common Core (hereafter Commie Core) Spanish classes are now used to sow racial division, hatred of America, open borders, amnesty for illegal aliens, and all things Obama.

This document, smuggled out from one of the Left’s indoctrination centers, pushes amnesty for illegal aliens under the guise of teaching Spanish to high school students.

This document pushes Obama’s DREAM Act.  It is an utter betrayal of the public trust that the Left would use a captive audience like your child to brainwash them into being for the legalization of 82 million illegal aliens.  Given enough years, these children will turn into voters, who will send advocates for a borderless world to Congress, and you will then wonder when we lost our country.  We’re losing it right now.  The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.  As both Lenin and Hitler noted in public statements, once a totalitarian regime controls the education of children, they control the future itself.

The Globalists are pushing the indoctrination agenda to destroy the United States, in all respects:  Replacement of the population, and changing the language, borders, and culture of America.  Nor are the Globalist Left subtle.  They also assign movies like “Under the Same Moon” for Spanish classes to view.

This movie summarizes American History as follows:

“First they (white Americans) screwed the Indians.  Then they screwed the slaves.  Now they are screwing the Mexicans.”

The movie is unremitting in its condemnation of America, and it sets up strong calls for racial division and distrust.  Whites and blacks are shown only as cruel exploiters of Hispanics.  Only Hispanics are shown as being kind, considerate, or generous to each other.  If this movie isn’t a recruitment video for La Raza, it ought to be.

The movie is also a total work of fiction.  Although the movie opens with illegal Mexicans being relentlessly pursued by a merciless U.S. Border Patrol while trying to sneak into the country, we know that under Obama the Border Patrol has been completely stood down.  There is no government entity stopping anyone from strolling across our Southern Border.  Under Obama, the Border Patrol is used to complete the smuggling process, transporting illegals that come into their custody to bus terminals and given free rides to any destination an illegal chooses further into the interior of the country.

Another scene shows I.C.E. raiding a commercial green house where illegals are employed.  Again, this doesn’t happen any more in Obama’s America, and there is no enforcement of laws against employing illegal aliens.  In fact, the IRS regularly ignores the fact that millions of employment taxes are submitted to it using fraudulent social security numbers.

So do not be surprised when your child comes home from school hating America and loathing themselves.  It’s all part of the indoctrination program.