VIA| As America remains involved in a multitude of unconstitutional wars, the recent passing of Supreme Court justice Antonin Scaliahas left many wary of Obama’s next move. As Scalia once warned that — in times of war the laws fall silent — given the circumstances surrounding Scalia‘s death the law has already begun to fall silent.

The U.S. government has made clear in numerous official documents and announcements that its war on terror is increasingly focused on its own domestic political enemies.

While teaching at the University of Hawaii, Scalia reminded his students that America is in time of war, and to not forget that the past is capable of repeating itself, especially with the Government that runs America today.

While Scalia remained a true patriot to the Constitution, his remarks about our government and how they could be ready to detain thousands of innocent American citizens, must have put him in the line of fire of the most criminally powerful man America has sitting in the Oval Office today.

Scalia criticized President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “executive order” purporting to justify the mass detention of people of Japanese ancestry. He told the students that they ‘would be kidding themselves’ if they think the same thing would not happen again. He cautioned his students to realize what happened there, and that we too run the risk of being rounded up into internment camps just like the 110,000+, almost certainly innocent, Japanese-descent individuals of World War II. Read more about the FEMA camp warning here.

Given the complete disregard and disrespect Obama has shown towards Scalia since his death, and the time he spent as aSupreme Court Justice, what could Obama have meant when he called Scalia a man “with colorful opinions who influenced a lot of people.”

We all know what side of the constitutional spectrum each man is and was on.

Scalia had a gift for eloquent defense of liberty and justice, even in the face of massive pressure which made him one of Liberty’s staunchest guardians on the Supreme Court.

But the influence he had over the public may have been the reason Obama was so cold and awkward in response to Scalias death.

Ruled “natural causes” by a judge over the telephone, found with a pillow over his head and his bed sheets unslept in, did Obama order Scalia’s death? Read more about Scalia’s death as a possible murder here.

These are times of war, and anyone opposing Obama’s law will be silenced.

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