SECONDS AGO Trump Interrupted His G20 Speech To Tell His Daughter His Deepest Secret

KIRSTERS BAISH| It’s not news to us that President Donald Trump is a pretty straight-forward and to the point kind of guy. Yesterday, he pledged $50 million of his own money to the World Bank program. He didn’t stop there. He went on to do something truly incredible for his daughter, Ivanka Trump.

Watch the clip below to see Trump’s statement. Around the nine minute mark is when he mentions Ivanka’s struggles:

President Trump is referring to the way that Ivanka stoof up for him during the G-20 meeting with world leaders this week. Trump went on to claim that his daughter’s life would be much easier if it weren’t for him and his politics, but explained how proud he is of her and all of her own accomplishments. According to the Independent, the money that President Trump donated in honor of his daughter is meant to help improve women’s access to building businesses in developing countries. This fund was launched by Theresa May.

President Trump spoke of the money, saying “by investing in women around the world, we’ve investing in families, we’re investing in prosperity, and we’re investing in peace. With a $50 million commitment, the United States will continue to lead the world stage in developing policies to empower women financially in our modern economy.”

The video below shows Ivanka’s inspiring speech:

We are truly lucky to have a First Family who puts forth so much effort into creating opportunities for everyone. Unfortunately, the liberal media is still very into attacking the Trump family, despite all of the good that they are doing in the world. We remain proud of the Trump family for doing everything they can to truly make a difference in the world.