ROMNEY WORDSWORTH - It’s a nasty outbreak not seen since the 1990s: Americans are suffering a terrible bout of “Clinton fatigue”.  First let’s start by looking at a brilliant parody to that effect.

Doctors in an old style hospital ward walk among sick and listless voters.  Says one doctor to the other:

“We haven’t seen anything like this since the ’90s.”

“They look so lifeless,” the other doctor responds.

“Well, they’ve been through a lot,” the first doctor says.

“Email scandals.”

“Questionable donations from foreign governments.”


“Even pantsuits.”

The truth of Hillary’s terminal illnesses is leaking out past the Palace Guard Media.  The Secret Service has leaked to the Alt Right Media that Hillary is falling down every hour, due to complications from a growing brain tumor and Parkinson’s Disease.  The news is out that Hillary travels with doctors and medical equipment constantly by her side, ready to administer a diazepam pen injection.

Now a new email leak shows that DemocRat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (meaning the whole DNC Establishment) knew about Hillary’s deplorable health a year ago.

The podium referred to in the email, by the way, was only 3 steps.

The voting public is now showing advanced stages of severe Clinton Fatigue.  Already 71% of voters believe it is “very likely” or “somewhat likely” that Hillary will not live out her first 4 year term:

The latest Morning Consult poll of 1501 registered voters between September 12-13th, reveals widespread concern among voters about Hillary Clinton’s health.  A full quarter of voters are now saying her poor health will make them less likely to voter for her, portending a Trump Landslide in the General Election.  Seventy-one percent of voters believe presidential candidates should provide a medical release letter from a doctor, while 78 percent think the same should be done concerning mental health.

Since Hillary is extremely unlikely to ever reveal anything about her health status that would be damaging, that means even more voters are going to keep souring on her candidacy as the final weeks to the election go by.

Clinton Fatigue is also showing up in the National Tracking Polls.  Donald Trump is now up five points in the LA Daily Tracking Poll.  According to the CNN Poll taken September 14th (which over-samples DemocRat voters by 15%) shows Donald Trump with a five point lead in Ohio (which really means Trump is up by double digits).  Also according to a CNN poll, Trump has reached 50% in Florida, with a four point lead (again, this with over-sampling DemocRats).  Donald Trump has also surged to a 10 point lead in the State of Maine, which was won by Barack Obama in 2012.

This is a pivotal week in the election.  Since Clinton’s health is only going to get worse, and not better, her collapse in support from the voters is here to stay, and will only grow more marked.  It will be interesting to see if Clinton’s hold on the DemocRat Party will survive the current challenge.  If it does, she only ensures a DemocRat defeat in November.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of guys.