ROMNEY WORDSWORTH - #BlackLivesMatter went from a mere Intimidation Group to a full fledged Terrorist Group over the weekend.  A coordinated assault across several states saw BLM gunmen murder 5 cops in Dallas, and make targeted attacks on police in Tennessee, Georgia, and Mississippi.  The attack in Tennessee occurred only hours before the Dallas shooting, which featured a team of gunmen using “triangulating fire” from elevated positions.  All of which speaks to a highly organized and coordinated attack by BLM at a national level.  The attacks in Georgia and Mississippi have been described as “ambushes” by police.  A fifth attack occurred on Friday when a motorist fired at a police car as it drove by outside of St. Louis, Missouri, wounding 4 officers.

This is the “Summer of Tet” for the Radical Left in America, and their Tet Offensive has begun with surprise attacks on police across the country, with military precision.  Only one of the gun in Dallas was killed, the rest are still at large.

Michah Johnson, the Dallas police killer, was thrown out of the Army for stealing women’s panties

BlackLivesMatter Facebook page put up a poster of a black shrouded man slitting the throat of a police officer.  Facebook has refused to take the posting down, saying it does NOT violate their community standards—you know, like mild criticism of unrestricted illegal immigration by Conservatives.

So, it’s not hyperbole or me just saying it is so when I write that BLM is at war with the police across America.  Their own words proclaim the fact, and much more.  Indeed, they proclaim to be at war with white people in general.

The declaration of war extends to political beliefs, candidate support, and freedom of speech that BLM doesn’t agree with.

BlackLivesMatter are being funded by big time Democrat campaign donors like George Soros.  They are being directed to disrupt Donald Trump events and the upcoming Republican National Convention by Attorney General Loretta Lynch, whose text messages with BLM members were recently hacked.

Barack Obama wants to suspend the American electoral process, and make himself a King for Life.  The BLM and Occupy Movements are part of an orchestrated process to use street violence to disrupt political opponents and create the opportunity to impose Martial Law and a dictatorship.  It has been done before.

America is at a watershed moment.  We will either rise up to resist and beat back this Fascist attempt to steal America and enslave us, or we will once more be put under the yoke of a king.  The choice is up to you, America.  We already saw this week how all of the institutions in Washington have been corrupted, even the FBI.  The only way we can stop this criminal administration is to stop voting for its agents, like Hillary Clinton.